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Fort Worth terminates red-light camera program

Posted June 4, 2019

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Fort Worth shut down its red-light camera program on June 1.

The City of Fort Worth has terminated its Automated Red Light Camera Enforcement Program. The Transportation and Public Works Department had operated 58 cameras at 44 intersections. The program was implemented to improve intersection safety by incorporating engineering, education and enforcement countermeasures to reduce the number of crashes attributable to running red lights.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the program:

How long has Fort Worth operated red-light cameras?
On July 31, 2007, the City Council adopted an ordinance establishing the program. The city entered into a contract with American Traffic Solutions Inc. for management services of the program on Aug. 15, 2007.

Why is Fort Worth ending the red-light camera program?
This year, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1631 that prohibits cities from operating and issuing violations from a photographic traffic signal enforcement system.

When does the program officially end?
The city’s agreement with ATS terminated immediately on June 1, 2019, once Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill. Staff is working with ATS on an action plan to stop operations. This includes requiring ATS to stop issuing violations, remove the equipment and provide reports.

Do I have to pay citations issued by the Fort Worth program?
No. The City of Fort Worth is no longer collecting and/or operating any aspects of the program.

How much revenue did the city receive from the red-light camera program?
In fiscal year 2018, the program received $9.6 million in revenue, and after making a required payment to the State Trauma Fund of $2.2 million and paying program expenses, the city was able to retain $3.6 million in revenue to fund traffic safety activities in the General Fund.

What kind of activities did the program fund?
It funded traffic safety activities such as maintaining traffic signage, pavement markings, traffic signals, crosswalks and intersection lighting.

How will the city continue to support the traffic safety programs that are currently funded from the red-light camera program revenue?
The city is currently undergoing the budget development process for next fiscal year and is evaluating all available resources and continues to focus on maintaining public safety and traffic safety.

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