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Stay vigilant for presence of emerald ash borer

Posted Oct. 4, 2019

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Emerald ash borer has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America.

Reports in North Texas should be on the lookout for the emerald ash borer, a pest that has infested and killed ash trees in the Eagle Mountain Lake area and in other parts of Tarrant County during the past several years.

All species of ash are susceptible to this destructive insect. Infested trees die within two to five years after infestation. Urban tree canopy inventories estimate that ash trees make up about 5 percent of the Dallas-Fort Worth urban forest.

“There is no known stop to this epidemic,” said Texas A&M Forest Service urban forester Courtney Blevins. “But we can help communities minimize loss, diversify their tree species and contribute to the health and resiliency of their urban forests.”

Texas A&M Forest Service has resources available to help affected communities identify signs of emerald ash borer infestation and symptoms that trees may display, as well as make decisions about preventive measures they can take and tree management and removal.

Learn more about the emerald ash borer on Texas A&M Forest Service’s website. To report emerald ash borers, call 866-322-4512.

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