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Health Center Plan

The Health Center Plan plan will offer multiple health centers in the Fort Worth area, which will provide unlimited primary care services for employees during normal business hours, and which may include extended business hours in some locations. Employees can expect to receive an appointment on the same or next business day for sick visits.

Specialists will be available at various costs, depending upon their participation in the United Healthcare plan or other preferred networks.

Health center locations

There will be three main health center locations, all of which will be open by April 2018 at the latest, which will be strategically located across the North Texas area - targeting Burleson, Alliance and Fort Worth. These centers will be exclusive to City of Fort Worth employees and retirees, meaning they will not be open to the public, nor to other area employers.

There will be five satellite locations in addition to the main sites that will also provide primary care services to employees and retirees free of charge if the member is on the Health Center Plan, and at low-cost if the member is on the Consumer Choice Plan.

Other fast facts

  • All preventive care, including mammograms and routine colonoscopies, are free to members on both the Health Center Plan and the Consumer Choice Plan.
  • Consumer Choice Plan members will be able to use the health centers at a discounted rate.
  • Mental health services will still be available in 2018 and will be treated like medical services regarding the billing process under both plan options.

Compare the plans

To help employees better understand these two plans, the following is a comparison chart between the proposed Health Center Plan and the Consumer Choice Plan.

Active Employees (Per Paycheck)

Employee only Employee + spouse Employee + child(ren) Employee + family
Health Center Plan $48.18 $238.37 $177.85 $333.47
Consumer Choice Plan $0 $161.66 $115.77 $242.50

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