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Parking Meter Permit Hangtags

Vehicles with a permit tag may be parked adjacent to city parking meters – except those having a red band around the meter post – for a period not to exceed the time limit noted on the meter. Hangtag use is not valid in commercial or passenger loading zone, and does not allow vehicles to be parked in violation of any traffic law, ordinance or regulation.

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Hangtag permits are $595.38 each and are valid for one full calendar year. Must be replaced no later than Jan. 5 of each calendar year.


Persons using the City of Fort Worth Parking Permits are responsible for ensuring that the tag is properly displayed. It must be hung from the inside rear-view mirror of a vehicle so the front of the tag is visible through the front windshield and free from any obstruction (i.e. sunshades). Remove the hangtag before vehicle is in motion.

Loss or Theft of Permit

Loss or theft of a City of Fort Worth parking permit should be reported immediately to 817-392-6667. The permit tag will be canceled and the identification number reported to the Police Department. Use of a City of Fort Worth parking permit that has been canceled may result in civil or criminal prosecution against the user. There will be a $10 replacement fee per hangtag lost or stolen.

For more information contact 817-392-6667.

Malfunctioning Meters

If you have experienced a problem with a parking meter, you may report the malfunction by calling 817-392-1234. You will need to know the four-digit meter number located on either the front and/or back of the meter. If you deposited a coin in the meter and it did not register any time, and if there are not any other signals displayed, you are still responsible for ensuring that there is time on the meter before leaving your vehicle.

Parking Citations

Visit the Municipal Court website for more information about parking citations.