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FAQs for Residential Permit Parking Program

What is a resident-parking-only zone?

This is a geographically area that is one or more blocks of a residential street where on-street parking is limited to residents’ or residents’ visitors or vendors.

What areas can be designated as resident-parking-only zones?

Neighborhoods surrounding the following nonresidential parking generators as determined by traffic studies may be designated a resident-parking-only zone:

  • Texas Christian University
  • University of North Texas Health Science Center.
  • Will Rogers Memorial Center / Dickies Arena.

Who is eligible to obtain a permit in the resident-parking-only zone?

Residents who own property or occupy a residence (single-family home, duplex, or apartment) located within a designated resident-parking-only zone.

What is the definition of resident in a resident-parking-only zone?

A person or persons who reside in a single-family home, duplex or multi-family unit within the designate zone.

What is the process to add a street to resident-parking-only zones?

The city’s Traffic Engineer will conduct a parking utilization study prior to starting the program on another street and receive input from adjacent property owners before the program is designated on a new street.

How many permits can each residence obtain?

Each residence may receive up to three permits and two vendor permits (for yard crews, child care providers or other service companies).

Are the permits numbered?

Yes, the permits will be number.

What will the permits look like?

Resident permits are stickers and vendor permits are hangtags.

Where should the stickers and hangtags be displayed?

Resident stickers should be affixed to the lower left corner of the front windshield. Vendor hangtags should be suspended from the rearview mirror with the printing visible through the front windshield.

Are landscape, pool or construction crews covered under the vendor or temporary permit?

Yes, each residence may obtain two vendor permits for service companies that do work at the residence.

How long is the permit valid?

Permits are valid for one year and expire at 11:59 p.m., December 31 of each year. Visitor permits are available for 24-hours or 30 days depending on the resident’s needs. Temporary permits are valid for only 24-hours.

Can I get temporary permits for guests coming to my home?

Yes, visitor permits are available at no cost for either 24-hours or 30-days.

How and where do I get an application form for a permit?

Applications for all residential parking permits can be made:

  • Online at www.fortworthtexas.gov/transportation/.
  • In-person Monday – Friday from 8 – 5 p.m. at SP Plus located at 405 W. 7th St. Bring a driver’s license and proof of residency (utility bill, copy of lease).

All stickers and permits must be picked up in-person at SP Plus located at:

405 W. 7th St. Be sure to bring a driver’s license and proof of residency. Please call 682-747-6991 for additional information.

How much do the permits cost?

At this time, there is no cost for resident, visitor and temporary permits.

What happens if a permit is lost?

A lost, destroyed or stolen permit may be replaced. The owner or occupant of a residence located inside the resident-parking-only zone must sign an affidavit stating the permit was lost, destroyed or stolen.

Are permits transferrable to unauthorized vehicles?

Permits are not transferrable. The distribution or sale of any type of permit is prohibited, and individuals who allow unauthorized use of the permits is subject to revocation and removal of the permit.

If a resident buys or trades vehicles, what happens?

The original permit sticker must be returned to SP Plus (located at 405 W. 7th St.) so a new permit can be issued. Proof of ownership or a signed affidavit stating the resident either bought or traded the vehicle is required.

Does an annual permit guarantee residents parking spaces?

Permits are not intended to guarantee residents parking spaces or exempt permit holders from other parking or traffic regulations.

Where do you pay citations?

Parking citations are a civil penalty so they can be paid either online at www.fortworthtexas.gov/municipalcourt/payments/ or at the city’s Municipal Court located at 1000 Throckmorton Street, Fort Worth, 76102.

Who enforces the resident-parking-only zones?

The city’s Transportation & Public Works Department’s parking enforcement group will enforce the provisions of this ordinance.

How can residents initiate a complaint in a resident-parking only zone?

Complaints can be directed to 817-392-2091 during normal business hours.

Who do residents contact when non-permit holders park in a resident-parking only zone?

Residents should contact 817-392-2091. An inquiry will be created so staff can investigate. Outside of normal business hours, residents can contact the Fort Worth Police Department at the non-emergency number, 817-392-4222.

Will first-time violators receive a warning?

Yes, warnings will be issued for first-time violators as we educate the public about this new program.

Who receives the citation, the driver of the vehicle, the vehicle owner or the property owner?

Citations will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.

What streets are currently included in the Residential Parking Program?

The following streets are currently part of the Residential Parking Program:

Arlington Heights
3600-3700 block of Watonga Street
1500-2050 blocks of Owasso Street
3800 block of Tulsa Way
3600-3850 blocks of Crestline Road
1600-1800 blocks of Sutter Street
3600-3850 blocks of Washburn Avenue
3600-3800 blocks of Harley Avenue
3600-3800 blocks of Lafayette Avenue

Bluebonnet Hills (TCU)
3100 block of Wabash Avenue
3100 - 3200 blocks of Stadium Drive
3100-3300 blocks of W. DeVitt Street
3100 block of Odessa Avenue

North Hi Mount
3700-3800 blocks of Mattison Avenue
900-1100 blocks of Dorothy Lane
3700 block of Bertrose Street
3700 block of Modlin Avenue
3700 block of Bunting Avenue
3700 block of Clarke Avenue
800 block of Haskell Street (west curb only)

Malfunctioning Meters

If you have experienced a problem with a parking meter, you may report the malfunction by calling 817-392-1234. You will need to know the four-digit meter number located on either the front and/or back of the meter. If you deposited a coin in the meter and it did not register any time, and if there are not any other signals displayed, you are still responsible for ensuring that there is time on the meter before leaving your vehicle.

Parking Citations

Visit the Municipal Court website for more information about parking citations.