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CFA Process Overview

A CFA typically corresponds to both the final plat and the corresponding civil construction plans. The process outline that follows applies to such a project. Please contact the CFA staff to inquire about the process for (a) projects with a previously-recorded final plat; (b) projects for which infrastructure improvements are being funded but none are being constructed; or (c) ISD projects.

Step 1: Developer submits final-plat application to Planning and Development Department. TPW and/or Water Department Staff will notate the requirement for a CFA in the notes of the plat case in the City’s permitting system when applicable.

Step 2: Developer submits civil construction plans to the IPRC for review.

Step 3: Approval to submit the CFA application will be included with the Review Complete Transmittal/Signature Transmittal, unless otherwise notified by the Project Manager. The Review Complete Transmittal/Signature Transmittal forms are issued by the IPRC indicating that the plans are officially approved.

Step 4: Developer submits application packet including all of the following items to CFA staff:

  • Completed CFA Application
  • $1,750 contract-administration fee
  • Corporate Resolution that authorizes the signature authority to enter into land improvement/development agreements on behalf of the entity.
  • Vicinity map
  • Copy of draft final plat and city-assigned final plat case number
  • Copy of the cover page from the civil construction plans submitted to the IPRC
  • Two half-size set of signed construction plans
  • Bid Cost sheet for each category of infrastructure
  • Quantity take off sheet for each page of the plan set
  • Separate exhibit for each category of infrastructure
    • Water
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Paving (including arterial and border street sidewalks)
    • Storm Drainage
    • Street lights and/or traffic signals
    • Street name and traffic signs

Step 5: The PM/Water will have five business days to review and approve the application. Once approved, CFA staff will provide the drafted CFA contracts as well as dollar amounts for inspection and material testing fees and the amount required for the financial guarantee.

Step 6: Developer submits the following items once the CFA application is approved:

  • Four copies of the CFA contract with original signatures
  • Approved exhibits and signed bid attached to each contract
  • Inspection & Material testing fee payments
    • Water & Sewer Construction – 2 percent Inspection, 2 percent Testing
    • Paving & Storm Drain Construction – 4 percent Inspection, 2 percent Testing
    • Street lights and traffic signals – 4 percent Inspection
    • Street name signs - $245 each
  • Financial Guarantee - Acceptable forms of guarantee are as follows:
    • Development Bond - Equal to 100 percent of construction costs
    • Letter of Credit - Equal to 125 percent of construction costs
    • Cash Escrow - Equal to 125 percent of construction costs
    • Completion Agreement - Holds plat as collateral until construction is complete and has been accepted by the City and all CFA requirements have been met.

Note: Checks must be made out to The City of Fort Worth. All inspection, testing, and escrow payments must be provided on separate checks for each department. The same policy applies for escrowed cash, one check for the Water/Sewer escrow and one for TPW escrow. Please contact the CFA department with any questions.

Step 7: CFA staff will route the contracts for City signatures and execution. This process takes approximately 10 business days to complete.

Step 8: Plat filing - Once the contracts are executed, CFA staff will request that any CFA related holds be cleared from the plat, unless a completion agreement is in place as the financial guarantee.

Step 9: Water fees - All water fees (tap and impact fee; front footage charge, per acre charge and water main capacity charge, etc.) and meter deposits must be paid before starting vertical construction including Miscellaneous Project design fees and Miscellaneous water/sewer extension cost.

Step 10: Construction and Acceptance of the Public Infrastructure

Step 11: CFA Close-Out

  • CFA staff calculates whether any additional fees or refunds are due based on actual construction costs vs. bid amounts.
  • CFA staff processes additional payment or refunds, as necessary.
  • CFA staff verifies that all contractors and sub-contractors have been paid in full.
  • A copy of the fully executed Notice of Project Completion or “Greensheet” and final waiver from the contractor must be received before the financial guarantee can be released.
  • CFA staff releases the financial guarantee.


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