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Name Service Phone
Leo Valencia Annexation & Special Utility Districts 817-392-2497


Name Service Phone
Addison Conley Senior Plans Examiner 817-392-2397
Daniel Guerrero Planning Assistant 817-392-2733
Beth Knight Senior Planner/Board of Adjustments 817-392-8190

Community Engagement

Name Service Phone
Catherine Huckaby Community Engagement 817-392-6201

Consumer Health

Name Service Phone
Charles Langat Consumer Health 817-392-7255

Economic Development

Name Service Phone
Brenda Hicks-Sorensen Asst. Director Economic Development Manager 817-870-0154
Sarah Odle Tax Abatement/NEZ 817-392-7316

Environmental Management

Name Service Phone
Derek Senter Environmental Management 817-392-5454


Name Service Phone
Raymond Hill Fire Marshal 817-392-6808
Ray Mays Addressing Assignment 817-392-6833
Bob Morgan Hazardous Materials 817-392-2838
Greg Nelson Fire Protection (Alarms) 817-392-6845
Chip Paiboon Fire Prevention (Sprinklers) 817-392-6848


Name Service Phone
Clair Davis Floodplain Administrator 817-392-5981
Cindy Robinson Floodplain 817-392-7947

Gas Well

Name Service Phone
Alondra Salas-Beltre Gas Well Drilling 817-392-2851


Name Service Phone
Patrick Buckley, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-2443
Fred Ehia, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-8424
Khal Jaafari, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-7872
Aaron Long, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-7818
Gopal Sahu, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-7949
Dennis Sallis Development Project Coordinator (IPRC) 817-392-6250
Victor Tornero, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-7830
Debbie Willhelm, P.E. Project Manager 817-392-2481

Lake Worth Property

Name Service Phone
Lester England Lake Worth Property 817-392-8053


Name Service Phone
Melinda Adams City Forester 817-392-5705
Cornell Gordon Parkland Easements and Conversions 817-392-5764
Joe Janucik Senior Planner 817-392-5706
Germaine Joseph Senior Planner 817-392-5710


Name Service Phone
Jimmy Greene Inspections 817-392-7848
Ricky Harding Parkway Services 817-392-6526
Cody Hughes Plans Exam Supervisor 817-392-2867
Ken McGowen Inspections Supervisor 817-392-7834
Chuck McLure Temporary Traffic Control 817-392-7219
Carl Spangler Inspections Supervisor 817-392-8118
Rochelle Thompson Customer Service Manager 817-392-7826
Chris Valtierra Building Code Administrator 817-392-7843
Kevin Yarbrough Inspections Supervisor 817-392-8793


Name Service Phone
Tiffany Bacon Planning Assistant 817-392-8024
Teresa Burk Platting 817-392-2412
Mary Elliott Planning Manager 817-392-7844
Diana Lopez Planning Assistant 817-392-2248
Alex Parks Platting and Street Vacations 817-392-2638

Preservation and Design

Name Service Phone
Randy Hutcheson Preservation and Design Manager 817-392-8008
Murray Miller Historic Preservation Officer 817-392-8574
Sevanne Steiner Downtown Design Review Board 817-392-8012
Laura Voltmann Urban Design Commission 817-392-8015

Project Facilitation

Name Service Phone
Douglas Bailey Project Facilitator 817-392-2776
Nathan Benson Project Assistant (CFA) 817-392-2053
Jennifer Ezernack Project Assistant (CFA) 817-392-2737
D.J. Harrell Asst. Director of Facilitation 817-392-8032
Miranda Meza-Sanchez Predevelopment Conferences 817-392-1732
Janie Morales Encroachments 817-392-7810
Janie Morales Planning Manager (CFA & Encroachments) 817-392-7810
Stephen Murray Project Facilitator 817-392-2883
Michelle Reynolds Project Facilitator 817-392-8423
Evelyn Roberts Project Assistant (CFA) 817-392-2025
Julie Westerman Development Manager 817-392-2677
Julie Westerman Gradework Engineer 817-392-2677
Arty Wheaton-Rodriguez Project Facilitator 817-392-2561

Stormwater Development Services

Name Service Phone
Saifuddin Ahmed Stormwater Review Engineer 817-392-2294
Storey Erin Stormwater Review Engineer 817-392-2084
Steve Frank Stormwater Production Manager 817-392-2027
Ron Nason Stormwater Senior Engineering Technician 817-392-5399
Stephen Nichols Stormwater Development Services 817-392-8731
Janet Ruiz Stormwater Adminstration Technician 817-392-6748
Robin Stevens Stormwater Senior Engineering Technician 817-392-8035


Name Service Phone
Michael Arthaud Development Review 817-392-6597
Brian Jahn Traffic Engineering Manager 817-392-7978
Tom Simerly Senior Traffic Engineer 817-392-6892
Mirian Spencer Development Review 817-392-8702

Urban Forestry

Name Service Phone
Cheri Cuellar Urban Forestry Plan Review 817-392-7931
Lucretia Summers Urban Forestry Plan Review 817-392-7933


Name Service Phone
Richard Garcia Water Development 817-392-8250
Adolfo Lopez Miscellaeous Projects 817-392-7829
Richard Munoz Backflow 817-392-8375
Alphonse Newton Grease Traps 817-392-8305
Vishal Sood Water/Sewer Engineering 817-392-8055


Name Service Phone
Lynn Goforth Zoning Plan Review 817-392-2513
Rebecca Hernandez Planning Assistant 817-392-8028
Lynn Jordan Planner 817-392-2495


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