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Criteria for Historic Designation

  1. Distinctive in character, interest or value; strongly exemplifies the cultural, economic, social, ethnic or historical heritage of the City of Fort Worth, State of Texas or the United States
  2. An important example of a particular architectural type or specimen in the City of Fort Worth
  3. Has been identified as the work of an important architect or master builder whose individual work has contributed to the development of the City of Fort Worth
  4. Embodies elements of architectural design, detail, materials, or craftsmanship, which represent a significant architectural innovation
  5. Bears an important and significant relationship to other distinctive structures, sites, or areas, either as an important collection of properties or architectural style or craftsmanship with few intrusions, or by contributing to the overall character of the area according to the plan based on architectural, historic or cultural motif
  6. Possesses significant archeological value that has produced or is likely to produce data affecting theories of historic or prehistoric interest
  7. Is the site of a significant historic event
  8. Is identified with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the City of Fort Worth, State of Texas or the United States
  9. Represents a resource, whether natural or man-made, which greatly contributes to the character or image of a defined neighborhood or community area
  10. Is designated as a Recorded Texas Landmark or State Archeological Landmark, or is included on the National Register of Historic Places



More Information


  • Murray G. Miller, historic preservation officer, 817-392-8574
  • Justin Newhart, senior planner, 817-392-8037

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