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Historic Stop Six: Sunrise Edition


Historic Stop Six: Sunrise Edition is a district of early 20th century vernacular structures, which celebrates the history and culture of the streetcar development of Fort Worth.

Stop Six was a pastoral community along the Fort Worth to Dallas Interurban, originally known as Cowanville. In the Sunrise Edition, as early as 1924, the landscape retained a rural character that has historically been occupied, shaped and modified by African American families. The district continues to possess a significant linkage to land use, vegetation, natural features, roads and structures.

The rural landscapes seen throughout the district, especially in the southern portion reflect the day-to-day occupational activities of families who engaged in various types of agriculture and traditional work such as farming.

The large acreage and a proportionately small number of structures is what differentiate the rural historic landscapes from the historic structures. There are two periods of significant development within the neighborhood: the era of the streetcar pre WWII, approximately 1920-1940 and 1950-1970 suburbanization.

However, for the purposes of the historic district the most significant structures shall be considered those at least fifty years of age, and shall be preserved and considered to contribute to the history and development of the neighborhood. Many of these structures are simple wood framed rectangular form houses with gable or hipped roof forms and symmetrical fenestration. This simple design and form shall be preserved on existing structures and incorporated and elaborated in accordance with these guidelines and standards for new construction.



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