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Change of Use

A change of use is when an existing building is to switch to a different use, e.g. a house to an office, a house to a church, an office to a retail store, a retail store to a restaurant, etc. Making a major switch requires a complete evaluation of the building and the property including the number of parking spaces.

Change of use permits may me subject to transportation impact fees.

Applicants must submit two complete sets of the required plans listed below, along with an additional (1) extra site plans (on either 8.5 by 11 inches or 8.5 x 14 inches or digital copy in either .pdf or .tif on a CD-ROM) for circulation to other departments for approval. Plans described below must be drawn to scale, have a labeled “North Arrow,” and contain the Legal Description of the property (Block, Lot, and Addition) along with the correct street address. Please separate plans into two separate sets: One for Zoning Review, one for Plan Review.

Plans shall include the following: (See Diagram 1 and 2)

Site Plans: (See Diagram 1) must be drawn to scale

  1. Lot and building line dimensions to property line
  2. Existing structures with exact dimensions. If a multi-tenant building, the square footage and type of business must be provided for each space.
  3. Exact number of existing parking spaces (9 feet by 18 feet) and accessible parking spaces
  4. Driveway locations; fire lanes and locations of fire hydrants
  5. Street names and street address/addresses
  6. Sidewalks, open spaces, parkways, etc.

Floor Plans: (See Diagram 2) must be drawn to scale

  • Complete floor plan drawn to scale showing all walls and rooms
  • All restrooms with plumbing fixtures
  • All exits, doors, halls, and windows
  • All rooms or areas named and labeled as to the use
  • Businesses such as churches, restaurants, bars, etc. must provide a seating layout
  • Mechanical plans if changes to the heating, ventilation or air conditioning system will be made.
  • Electrical plans if changes to the electrical system will be made.
  • Plumbing plans if changes to the plumbing system will be made.
  • Energy code check sheet if alterations to the building envelope, lighting, or mechanical systems will be made.

Energy Code Check Sheet:

A COMcheck report showing compliance with the current International Energy Conservation Code is required if there are changes to new or existing openings in the walls or ceilings, lighting, heating, or air conditioning systems.

Food related businesses require Health Division (818 Missouri Ave., 817-392-7255) approval along with the Grease Trap approval (817-392-8305).

For Certificate of Occupancy:

The building permit for the Change of Use is only one portion of the four that must be completed in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Inspections by Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing inspectors will be required at the time of application. The fee for this type of inspection is $30 each.

If work is being done in Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing then those contractors will take out permits and have inspections on their work.

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