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Commercial and Residential Burglar Alarm Permits

Alarm Permit Application

NOTICE: The Alarms Unit now accepts credit card payments (MC and VISA). Please contact our office for details, 817-392-1300.

ATTENTION: Residential and/or Commercial Burglar Alarm Permit Holders
ALL permit holders are allowed three (3) false alarm calls, as well as two(2) panic/robbery calls before service fees are assessed.  If/when a customer exceeds three false alarms or 2 false, panic/robbery calls in a 12-month period, service fees are assessed according to the following schedule:

The following false alarm service fee structure went into effect November 1, 2005:
1-3 false alarm calls in 12 months  No charge
4-5 false alarm calls in 12 months  $50 each call
6-7 false alarm calls in 12 months  $75 each call
8 or more false alarm calls in 12 months $100 per call

You will be allowed 2 false, panic/robbery calls in a 12-month period before penalties apply.  After 2, a flat $60 fee will apply.
Reducing false alarm calls will improve overall public safety and service when there is a real emergency.  Officers will be able to respond to emergency calls more rapidly.

In addition to the financial effect, excessive false alarms may result in the revocation of your permit, which would end police response to unverified alarms at your address.
Following are suggestions to help you avoid these penalties for excessive false alarm calls:

  • Ensure the alarm system installed in your residence or business is properly maintained.  This may include routine testing, battery replacement and
    maintenance, as needed.
  •  Work closely with your contracted service provider and/or monitoring company whenever you experience malfunctions with your system.
  •  Know your system.  If you have questions or concerns about your system immediately contact your service provider and/or monitoring company.
  •  Be responsible with your system.  If you give someone keys to your residence or business, train them to operate your alarm.

Contact the Fort Worth Planning and Development Department, Alarms Unit, anytime you have questions regarding your permit, the Alarms Ordinance or anything pertaining to your residential or commercial permit.  You may call 817-392-1300, visit the unit, located at 1000 Throckmorton St, between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

The Fort Worth Police Department’s mission is to provide quality service in partnership with the community to create a safe environment for all.
Fort Worth Citizens, please call the Police Department’s non-emergency number, 817-335-4222, when necessary.  

Exclusive for alarm companies, please call 817-927-4420  when calling in alarm activations to the Police Department. 


Permit Fee Schedules


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