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Moving and Wrecking Contractor

Except as specifically provided in this article, no person shall move, remove, raze, or demolish any building or structure within the city without first obtaining a moving and/or a demolition permit from the Planning & Development Department. A moving permit is not required when a building or structure is being moved pursuant to a permit issued by the state and when the route of movement is confined to state or federal highways.  In addition, no moving permit is required when a newly constructed building or structure is to be moved outside the corporate limits of the city if the building or structure does not exceed 8’ in height, 45’ in length or 13’6” in height when loaded on a transporting vehicle and if the moving route has been approved by the Texas Highway Department.

A permit for moving or demolition work shall expire and be invalid if the moving or demolition work has not commenced within 10 days nor has been completed within 60 days; provided that an extension has not been granted by the Building Official. Fees for these types of permits are calculated by the square footage of the building or structure.

Every firm, business or organization consisting of house movers or demolition contractors shall be registered with the City of Fort Worth Planning & Development Department.  The fee for this registration is $120.00.  The exception to this is a homeowner performing the demolition of their own residential property then there is no registration required. Commercial demolition requires a registered contractor to permit.

A Certificate of Insurance is required and must be on file.

General Liability of:

  • Property Damage per Accident $50,000.00
  • Personal Injury or Death, per person $100,000.00
  • Personal Injury or Death, per Accident $300,000

Completion of work shall include the removal of the foundation and any debris caused by the moving or demolition. However, a concrete slab may remain in place if the Building Official determines the slab is sufficient size to accommodate parking. The applicant is responsible for any repairs or damages to public property.

Before a moving permit is issued, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Obtain an Ordinance Inspection on the structure to be moved.
  2. Obtain a Building Permit for the installation of the structure at its proposed final site location.

Moving and Wrecking Application 

Permit Fee Schedules


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