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Procedures for Fences

  1. All permit applications must be made in person.
  2. All fences, except chain link, that are over 6’ in height need a permit.
  3. Following Plan Review, it is possible the final approval will be subject to other
    department’s approval as well. [Example: located in floodplain (Engineering
    Department), Historic District (Planning Department), drainage easement (TPW)].
  4. Any masonry structure over 6’ requires engineering (a drawing from a structural
    engineer (sealed and signed) approving design
  5. Any request for barbed wire on fencing, must comply with City Code 1964, 27-3;
    Ord. No. 9153, 1, 1-24-84, Section 23-2, which states that up to three strands of
    barbed wire shall be permitted on top of a six-foot-high security type fence,
    provided the barbed wire is upright or projecting over the owner’s property and
    not over abutting property.
  6. The height of any fence shall be measured from the highest adjacent grade
    parallel to the fence to the highest point of the fence or any gate..
  7. No fence over 8’ in height surrounding residential property shall be allowed
  8. Fences that are required to be constructed pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance shall
    be constructed with materials allowed in Section 5.305. D.
  9. The finished sides of fences that are adjacent to a freeway or arterial street shown
    on the Master Thoroughfare Plan must face the right-of-way.
  10. Fence permits can be issued without a primary use on the lot in any zoning
    district. *
  11. Front Yard = A yard across the full width of a lot extending from the street to the
    largest required setback of either the required, established, platted building line or
    projected front yard. (for the full definition, see Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 9)
  12. Rear Yard = A yard extending across the full width of the lot and measured
    between the rear line of the lot and rear line of the main building, except that area
    included in the side yard (for the full definition, see Zoning Ordinance)
  13. Projected Front Yard = See Section 6.101G.
  14. Front Yard Fence and fences in projected front yards – no taller than 4’, no
    solid fencing, no chain link, 50% open (5.305 B).
    1. A customer can apply for a special exception with Board of Adjustment
      for an open design fence up to 5’ in height
    2. A customer can apply for a special exception with Board of Adjustment to
      allow a solid fence or wall up to 4’ in height.
    3. A customer can apply for a variance with the Board of Adjustment for a
      fence exceeding 5’in the required or projected front yard or over 8’ in all
      other residential lot yards.
  15. Corner Lot Fence – no taller than 2’ in POSE (Public Open Space Easement)
    (5.305 B 8), no solid fencing, no chain link, 50% open
    1. A customer can apply for a variance with Board of Adjustment.
  16. No special exception or variance is needed if the front yard fence is shorter than 4’ and the corner lot fence is less than 2’ in POSE.

* Applications to review clarity of this provision.

Permit Fee Schedules


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