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The Near Southside on the near Southside of the City of Fort Worth offers residents mixed-use urban neighborhoods with traditional streetscapes, single family homes dating to the early 1900s, new and rehabilitated historic apartment buildings, and the beginnings of, what is expected to be a large for-purchase urban townhome and loft style housing options.

It is a part of the city that is enjoying a rapid transformation and revitalization from years of typical urban neglect and decay. It is the second largest employment center in Tarrant County. With 30,000 employees working in a wide range of business, it is second only to the Central Business District with its 40,000 employees. In a survey of employees in 1995, while only 2 percent said that they currently lived in the district, 17 percent said that they would live here if there were appropriate housing options. The marketplace is responding with new options.

The Fairmount Historic District, located in the southern part of the district, was first platted in the late 1800s. The neighborhood has a great collection of craftsmen style bungalows, many of which have been restored to their original beauty. Property values of these single family homes have doubled in the last four years. The nearby Mistletoe Heights, Berkley Place and Ryan Place neighborhoods offer a wide selection of more expensive homes.

Design District Plans

Fort Worth South Inc. worked with area stakeholders to create a new zoning district. The new zoning district is form based; focusing on the form of future development rather than the tradition focus on land use. Form based codes provide property owners and developers with a wider range of development options while insuring development that engages public areas. The code is similar to the Trinity Uptown (TU) code currently in place for the Trinity Uptown project.




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