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Urban Forestry Compliance

The Urban Forestry Compliance Section implements and enforces the Urban Forestry ordinance, which protects healthy and significant trees and ensure planting of trees with land development to achieve the City's goal of 30% overall canopy cover. 

Protection and preservation of a portion of the existing trees on each site helps to achieve a multi-aged urban forest.

Tree Removal Permit

Download a tree removal permit application if you have dying or hazardous trees to remove or if you have one (but no more than one) healthy tree to remove.  See permit for additional regulations.

Urban Forestry Permit

In the following cases, an Urban Forestry Permit must be approved before a building permit can be approved:

  • All new commercial and industrial projects (schools and churches are considered commercial)
  • Some expansions to commercial and industrial property
  • Changing residential property to commercial use
  • Residential property greater than one acre
  • Grading or complete reconstruction of a parking lot or flatwork
  • Removing trees over 6 inches in diameter at 4.5 feet above ground.

How to apply for a permit

Urban Forestry Permits are processed separately from building permits, and can be filed at the Applications Desk (located at the northeast corner of City Hall on the lower level).  Applications and submittals are also accepted electronically (pdf) with credit card payment to the email address on this page. If possible, include your building permit number with your application. 

Download an application packet


  1. Application Fee for Staff Review
    • Base Fee-First five acres (up to 5.00 acres), including one revision: $250
    • Additional acreage – 5.01 acres and over: $15 per acre above base fee
    • Additional revisions (each): $100
  2. Application Fee for appeal hearing before Urban Design Commission: $295

For information on planting or caring for trees in Fort Worth, trees in the street right of way or public parks, visit the Parks & Community Services Department's Forestry Division.

Zoning Types

Helpful Links

Zoning Questions

Zoning: 817-392-8028
Urban Forestry: 817-392-7933



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Lower Level, Northeast Corner
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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