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Carter Riverside Area Wastewater Improvements

Project Description

Deteriorated wastewater mains will be replaced on the following streets:

Belknap Street from Yucca Avenue to North Beach Street

North Beach Street from Belknap Street to Springdale Road

Springdale Road from North Beach Street to North Riverside Drive

Carnation Avenue from west of the Carnation Avenue/Brittain Street Intersection to east of the same intersection

Brittain Street from Springdale Road to Selma Street

Selma Street from Brittain Street 500 feet east

Kearby Street from Beryl Street to 200 feet east

Easement between Barbell Lane and David Drive from Hollis Street to 1,050 feet north

Easement located 150 feet south of N.E. 28th Street/David Drive from 150 feet west to 250 feet west

Easement between Fairview Street and Robinwood Drive from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue

Easement between Robinwood Drive and Brittain Street from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue

Easement between Brittain Street and Beryl Street from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue

N.E. 28th Street from 1,000 feet west of Beach Street/N.E. 28th Street intersection to 600 feet east

Elinor Street from N.E. 28th Street to 1,250 feet north

Council District: District 4

Current Status: Construction

Project End Date: Sept. 30, 2018


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $4,521,532


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Robert Sauceda