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Central Meadowbrook & Handley Area Wastewater Improvements

Project Description

Sewer mains will be replaced in the Meadowbrook and Handley areas. The area is bound by East Rosedale Street to the south, Meadowbrook Drive to the north, Queen Street to the west and Hightower Street to the east. The affected streets and alleys include:

Tierney Road from Meadowbrook Drive to East Lancaster Avenue

East Lancaster Avenue from Tierney Road to Wilson Road

Easement between South Erie Street and East Loop 820 from Rosser Street/East Rosedale Street to East Lancaster Avenue

Easement between Jewell Avenue and Hightower Street

Easement between San Jose Drive and Weiler Boulevard from Jewell Avenue to Meadowbrook Drive

Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard

Alley between Beaty Street and East Lancaster Avenue from Grandview Drive to Stark Street

Easement between Forest Avenue and South Handley Drive from Hart Street to East Rosedale Street

Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Pollard Street to Cravens Road

Alley between Meadowbrook Drive and Morris Avenue from Queen Street to Tierney Road

Easement between Emily Drive and Maryel Drive from Meadowbrook Drive to Norma Street

Easement between Grandview Drive and Weiler Boulevard from East Lancaster Avenue to Greenlee Street

Easement between Van Natta Lane and Beaty Street from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard

Council District: District 4, District 5, District 8

Current Status: Design

Project End Date: May 10, 2022


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $2,320,483


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Walter Norwood