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Gateway Area Infrastructure Improvements

Project Description

Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced and the streets rehabilitated on these streets and alleys:

East 4th StreetFrom Covelo Avenue to Denair Avenue

Galvez Avenue From Covelo Avenue to South De Costa Street

200 feet north of East 1st Street From North Beach Street to North De Costa Street

200 feet south of East 1st Street From South Harper Street to 200 feet west of Brandies Street

Alley between Chenault Street and East 4th Street From Brandies Street to Covelo Avenue

Alley between East 4th Street and Galvez Avenue From South De Costa Street to Covelo Avenue

150 feet east of North De Costa Street From Beach Mill Circle to East 1st Street

100 feet south of Brentwood Stair Road From Weiler Boulevard to 200 feet east of Wilson Road

Alley between Galvez Avenue and Lawnwood Street From Denair Avenue to Brandies Street

Alley between Cottonwood Street and North De Costa Street From 200 feet north of East 1st Street to 500 feet north of Austin Lane

The water utility work is complete and now the streets will be rehabilitated.

Council District: District 4, District 8

Current Status: Construction

Project End Date: Sept. 13, 2018


Source: 2014 Bond Program Proposition 1
Amount: $3,860,097


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Mary Hanna