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District 2 Capital Projects

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Greenfield Acres Drainage Improvements An underground storm drain system will be constructed on Cindy Lane, from Ten Mile Bridge to North Ridge Road, and on East North Hill Lane. The existing storm drain on the west end of South Ridge Road will be upsized and a new storm drain with two detention ponds will be constructed on the east end of South Ridge Road. A water line will be installed on Cindy Lane, and the existing sanitary sewer line will be replaced along Cindy Lane and South Ridge Road. After construction is complete, Cindy Lane will be repaved. Design
Lebow Channel Roadway Crossing Replacement Upsizing of existing culverts at NE 28th Street, Brennan Avenue and Dewey Avenue will occur and a new bridge with culvert structures will be constructed in preparation for future improvements in the Lebow stormwater basin. Design
Mercado Channel Improvements Excess rain causes flooding of properties along the Mercado channel, and water over-tops the roadway at 21st and 22nd streets. Erosion is also occurring within the channel. After channel capacity was analyzed, improvements were recommended. These improvements include increasing the size of the channel downstream of 21st Street and construction of retaining walls at various locations along the channel to stabilize the banks. Construction Complete

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Coventry Hills Park A park master plan will be developed and amenities that include trails and a low water crossing constructed. Construction
Remington Pointe Park Development A park master plan will be developed. After the plan is completed, design and construction will follow. Amenities may include, but are not limited to, playgrounds, trails, shelters and lighting. Not Started
Rockwood Golf Course Renovations To improve the golf course playability, trees, fairways and greens will be reconfigured. Improvements may include, but are not limited to, grading/site work, irrigation, turf, car trails, and other golf course amenities. Construction
Trail Drivers Park A park master will be developed, and design and construction of community park amenities to implement the master plan will follow. Amenities that may be included, but are not limited to, are playgrounds, trails, shelters, multi-use courts, road and parking improvements, and security lighting. Bid and Award

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Basswood Boulevard & West Robert Downing Road A private developer has designed and constructed portions of Basswood Boulevard east of FM 156 and portions of Robert Downing Road South of Basswood Boulevard. To accelerate the construction of the remainder of Basswood Boulevard, the City is partnering with the developer to build a bridge over Big Fossil Creek and connect the portions of Basswood Boulevard from FM 156 to I-35W. Robert Downing Road south of Basswood Boulevard to connect to Lou Menk Drive will also be constructed. Construction
Bicycle Wayfinding Signs Approximately 100 bicycle wayfinding, safety and educational signs will be installed throughout the City to promote awareness of vehicles and bicycles sharing roadways. Locations of signs will be in downtown, the near south side, TCU area, far north Fort Worth along Timberland and Tarrant Parkway, southeast Fort Worth along Maddox and Miller, south Fort Worth along Hulen, and east Fort Worth along Trinity Boulevard. Construction Complete
COG Regional Contract Signal Timing As part of the North Central Texas Council of Governments regional traffic signal retiming project, timing on 140 signals located in Fort Worth will be modified. Construction Complete
Henderson Street Improvements & Bridges This project is part of the Trinity River Vision project. It includes design and construction of the three bridges that cross the new Trinity River By Pass Channel and the Fort Worth and Western Railroad at Henderson Street, North Main Street and White Settlement Road. Water, sewer and franchise utilities will also be relocated. Construction
Marine Creek Parkway Construction of a new four-lane, divided arterial will extend Marine Creek Parkway to Old Decatur Road from McLeroy Boulevard to Grayson Ridge Drive. Construction
Mark IV Parkway Two new traffic lanes on the south side of Cantrell Sansom Road from Northbrook Elementary School to the intersection at Mark IV Parkway will be constructed so the roadway becomes a four-lane, divided arterial that connects to a multi-lane roundabout at the intersection. Reconstruction of both the north and south traffic lanes on Mark IV Parkway will occur so they align with the new roundabout and provide connectivity south of the intersection where a developer is constructing other improvements. Construction
Old Decatur Road Reconstruction One new travel lane in each direction on Old Decatur Road from Angle Ave to Loop 820, with a continuous left-turn lane will be constructed. Bid and Award
Railroad Crossing Intersection Repairs Repairs are being made to railroad crossing surfaces that tie into the roadway. Locations include: Columbus Trail and the FWWR crossing Deen Road at the FWWR crossing Bolt Street at the FWWR crossing Page Avenue at BNSF crossing Westport Parkway at UPRR crossing Bell Spur and TRE crossing Construction
Warning Flasher Maintenance & Upgrades Warning flashers for Park Glen Elementary, Contreras Elementary, Kirkpatrick Elementary and Briscoe Elementary will receive maintenance and upgrades that include installing radar driver speed feedback technology. Work will take place during the summer after the school session is completed. Construction Complete

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Diamond Hill Jarvis - Northside Water & Wastewater Improvements Water lines will be replaced in the Diamond Hill Jarvis - Northside area. After the water utility work is complete, an asphalt overlay will be performed until the street can be reconstructed or rehabilitated by the Transportation & Public Works Department. On Hold
Far Northside Area Wastewater Improvements Deteriorated wastewater mains are being replaced on the following streets: Alley between 22nd/23rd streets from Lydon Avenue to Kearney Avenue Alley between 24th/25th streets from Titus Street to Mc Candless Street Alley between Azle Avenue/26th Street from Grayson Avenue to 1 1/2 blocks north Alley between Azle Avenue/27th Street from Macie Avenue to Kearney Avenue Alley between Azle Avenue/27th Street from West Long Avenue to Menefee Avenue Capri Avenue from Flagstone Drive north to the dead end Fielder Street from Hagan Avenue to Henry Avenue Flagstone Drive from Capri Avenue to True Avenue Jacksboro Highway from Ohio Garden Road to Belle Avenue Mc Candless Street from Alley between 24th/25th streets to the Alley between 25th/26th streets Menefee Avenue from NW 26th Street to the Alley between 26th/Azle Avenue NW 21st Street from Hagan Avenue to Henry Avenue Open Land from Capri Avenue to 23rd Street Open Land from Jacksboro Highway to the Alley between Rosen/Hanna avenues Standifer Street from Hagan Avenue to Henry Avenue True Avenue from Flagstone Drive north to the dead end After the utility work is completed, a temporary asphalt repair will be done until the street can be scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction by the Transportation & Public Works Department. Bid and Award
North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 2 This is the continuation of the installation of a new water supply main to serve the increased demands from the City of Keller, City of Southlake, Trophy Club and north Fort Worth. Construction
North Tarrant Express Water & Wastewater Line Relocations Fourteen pipe crossings for water and wastewater lines on I-35W, from Loop 820 to I-30, that are in conflict with the additional roadway lanes for the North Tarrant Express project will be relocated. Construction
Ridglea Hills / Mistletoe Heights Area Water & Wastewater Line Replacements Water and/or wastewater lines will be replaced on the following street segments: Clayton Road West from Floyd Drive to Rowan Drive Woodstock Road from Rowan Drive to Clayton Road West Angus Drive from Chickering Road to Clayton Road West Grace Avenue from Marshall Street to Race Street Harrison Avenue from Jerome Street east to the dead end West Morphy Street from Jerome Street east to the dead end True Avenue from NW 16th Street to the dead end of Flagstone Drive After the utility work is completed, a temporary asphalt repair will be done until the street can be scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction by the Transportation & Public Works Department. Construction
Trinity River Vision Water & Wastewater Line Relocations Water and wastewater lines will be relocated for the Trinity River Vision project’s new west channel and the North Main Street Bridge. Construction will take place on North Houston Street from NE 7th Street to NE 6th Street and on NE 6th Street from North Throckmorton Street to North Houston Street. Gateway park is in the final stages of paving. On Hold
Urban Drive & Northeast Parkway Water & Wastewater Improvements Water and wastewater utility lines will be replaced on the following streets: Urban Drive from Northeast Parkway to Interstate 35W Frontage Road Northeast Parkway from Rondo Drive to Great Southwest Parkway After the utility work is completed, the streets will be reconstructed as part of the 2014 Bond Program. Design
Water & Wastewater Improvements - Various Areas Wastewater lines will be replaced in these areas: Halbert Street at Normandy Drive Morrison Drive from John T White Road to I-30 Dove Drive from Kuban Boulevard to John T White Road Perimeter of Stonegate Mobile Home Park Design On Hold

Bond Projects

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