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District 4 Capital Projects

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Arcadia Trail Connection This project includes design and construction of improvements to provide approximately one-tenth of a mile of paved ADA accessible trail and low water bridge connecting 8+ miles of the Fort Worth trail system with 15+ miles of the Watauga/Haltom City trail system. Design
East 1st Street Bridge This project includes design and construction of improvements to convert the existing 1936 narrow vehicular bridge to a pedestrian/bicycle-only trail bridge connecting the Gateway Park recreational trail to the Quanah Parker Park recreational trail. Design
North Park Improvements Master Plan update and implementation of the park master plan, including, but not limited to, the renovation of existing soccer fields, provision of additional athletic facilities, restrooms, additional parking, security lighting, and supporting infrastructure and equipment. Design and construction of new athletic field lighting with supporting infrastructure. Design
Trinity Trails East Fort Worth Extension New trails and bridges from Quanah Parker Park to the City of Arlington trail system will be constructed. Phase 1 of the project will construct trails from Handley Ederville Road to River Trails Park. This phase is currently in construction and is expected to end November 2019. Phase 2 of the project has not started. As information becomes available, updates will be added. Construction

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Basswood Boulevard & Kroger Drive Infrastructure Improvements Intersection improvements at Basswood Boulevard and U.S. 377 include construction of a protected right-turn lane and an additional left-turn lane on the eastbound travel lanes. Kroger Drive from Ray White Road to U.S. 377 improvements include a continuous two-way left-turn lane, roundabouts at Park Vista Circle West and the Kroger Distribution Center, and a median with left- and right-turn lanes at the U.S. 377 intersection. Design
Great Southwest Parkway Infrastructure Improvements This is a joint water and street project. Water and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced on the following streets: Great Southwest Parkway from Mark IV Parkway to the I-35 service Road Kimbo Road from Mesquite Road to northeast cul-de-sac McComas Road from Kimbo Road to North Beach Street After the utility lines have been replaced, the street will be rehabilitated. <a href="https://youtu.be/hW5vBXtoLpA">View the presentation from the meeting on April 24, 2020.</a> Construction
Kimbo Road Reconstruction of Kimbo Road from North Sylvania Avenue to Mesquite Road. Reconstruction will include new roadway, sidewalks and storm drain system. In addition, water and sewer lines will be rehabilitated or replaced as needed. Construction
North Riverside Drive North Riverside Drive from North Tarrant Parkway to Old Denton Road will be constructed as a four-lane, divided arterial street with roundabouts at Thompson Road and Summerfields Boulevard. The project will include new travel lanes, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, shared-use paths, sidewalks, street lights, bicycle lanes and/or rehabilitation of existing travel lanes, as appropriate. The next phase of the project reconstructs North Riverside Drive from Shiver Road to North Tarrant Parkway. The existing 2-lane road will be reconstructed as a 4-lane divided arterial street with an off-pavement bike path. The project includes improvements to the intersection at North Tarrant Parkway. This phase of the project is currently in the planning phase. Design

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Big Fossil Creek Parallel Relief Sanitary Sewer Main M-402 Phase 2 This is the final phase of a three phase plan of a single parallel sanitary sewer pipeline. The scope of work includes design of 8,800 linear feet of sanitary sewer pipeline, design survey, multiple junction structures, two wholesale customer meter stations and easement preparation. This is located along Big Fossil Creek from South of State Highway 121 to Broadway Avenue. Design
Big Fossil Parallel Wastewater Line The existing wastewater main that serves Haltom City will be removed from service and wastewater will be diverted to the existing Big Fossil wastewater main. A new parallel main will also be constructed. Construction
Carter Riverside Area Wastewater Improvements Existing wastewater mains will be replaced on the following streets in the Carter Riverside area: Belknap Street from Yucca Avenue to North Beach Street North Beach Street from Belknap Street to Springdale Road Springdale Road from North Beach Street to North Riverside Drive Carnation Avenue from 250 feet west of the Carnation Avenue / Brittain Street intersection to 250 feet east of the same intersection Brittain Street from Springdale Road to Selma Street Selma Street from Brittain Street to 500 feet east Kearby Street from Beryl Street to 200 feet east Easement between Barbell Lane and David Avenue from Hollis Street to 1,050 feet north Easement located 150 feet south of the NE 28th Street / David Avenue intersection from 150 feet west to 250 feet west Easement between Fairview Street and Robinwood Drive from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue Easement between Robinwood Drive and Brittain Street from Hollis Avenue to Selk Avenue Easement between Brittain Street and Beryl Street from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue NE 28th Street from 1,000 feet west of Beach Street / NE 28th Street intersection to 600 feet east Elinor Street from NE 28th Street to 1,250 feet north Construction
Central Meadowbrook & Handley Area Wastewater Improvements Sewer mains will be replaced in the Meadowbrook and Handley areas. The area is bound by East Rosedale Street to the south, Meadowbrook Drive to the north, Queen Street to the west and Hightower Street to the east. The affected streets and alleys include: Tierney Road from Meadowbrook Drive to East Lancaster Avenue East Lancaster Avenue from Tierney Road to Wilson Road Easement between South Erie Street and East Loop 820 from Rosser Street/East Rosedale Street to East Lancaster Avenue Easement between Jewell Avenue and Hightower Street Easement between San Jose Drive and Weiler Boulevard from Jewell Avenue to Meadowbrook Drive Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard Alley between Beaty Street and East Lancaster Avenue from Grandview Drive to Stark Street Easement between Forest Avenue and South Handley Drive from Hart Street to East Rosedale Street Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Pollard Street to Cravens Road Alley between Meadowbrook Drive and Morris Avenue from Queen Street to Tierney Road Easement between Emily Drive and Maryel Drive from Meadowbrook Drive to Norma Street Easement between Grandview Drive and Weiler Boulevard from East Lancaster Avenue to Greenlee Street Easement between Van Natta Lane and Beaty Street from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard Design
Eastside & Southside Infrastructure Improvements Water and/or sanitary sewer main improvements will be made on the following street segments. After the utility work is completed, the street will be repaved. Driess Street from East Magnolia Avenue to East Myrtle Street East 4th Street from Denair Avenue to Brandies Street Virginia Avenue from Stella Street to East Annie Street Essex Street from Camilla Street to Vickery Boulevard North Ayers Avenue from Meadowbrook Drive to Mt. Vernon Avenue Purington Avenue from East Lancaster Avenue to Ben Avenue Wilkinson Avenue from Harwood Street to Barron Street Wilson Road from Meadowbrook Drive to Greenlee Street Wallace Street from East Rosedale Street to Avenue J Oak Grove Road from Joel East Road to East Everman Parkway Design
Gateway Park Twin-96 Sewer Improvements One of the twin-96-inch sewer mains located in Gateway Park will be rehabilitated. The affected area includes Disposal Road from the southern loop - just north of the West Fork Trinity River and the Fort Worth Branch of the Trinity Trails System - to just south of Players Parkway. Fort Woof Dog Park is to the west and the ballpark and softball fields are to the east of the project. Design
Little Fossil Rehabilitation (Twin 90) Erosion Control Erosion control improvements along sewer collection lines in the Trinity River West Fork . Construction
Noble Avenue & Seaman Street Infrastructure Improvements Water and sewer mains will be replaced in an area bound by Airport Freeway/SH 121 to the north, Noble Avenue to the south, Fairview Street to the west and Seaman Street to the east. The affected streets include: Noble Avenue from Fairview Street to Seaman Street (sewer and paving). Seaman Street from Noble Avenue to State Hwy. 121/Airport Freeway (water and paving). Design
Riverside Alliance & Diamond Hill-Jarvis Infrastructure Improvements Water and sewer lines will be rehabilitated on the following streets in the Riverside and Diamond Hill Jarvis areas. Water & Sewer Lines North Sylvania Avenue from Akers Avenue to Bird Street Decatur Avenue from NE 31st Street to NE 24th Street NE 35th Street from I-35 to Sylvania Avenue Morning Glory Avenue from Bluebird Avenue to West Lotus Avenue Water Lines Only Akers Avenue from North Sylvania Avenue to 746 feet west Oscar Avenue from NE 32nd Street to Diamond Road West Lotus Avenue from Morning Glory Avenue to West Lotus Avenue Carnation Avenue from Daisy Lane to North Sylvania Avenue Lotus Avenue from Mapleleaf Street to North Sylvania Avenue Sewer Lines Only Blue Bonnet Drive from Yucca Avenue to 220 feet north Design
Upper Big Fossil Creek Wastewater Improvements The wastewater main that runs through Fossil Creek Golf Course from Western Center Boulevard to Beach Street will be rehabilitated. Construction
Water & Wastewater Improvements - Various Areas Wastewater lines will be replaced in these areas: Halbert Street at Normandy Drive Morrison Drive from John T White Road to I-30 Dove Drive from Kuban Boulevard to John T White Road Perimeter of Stonegate Mobile Home Park Design
West Fork Trinity River Sewer Relief Line A 60-inch relief sanitary sewer main will be constructed parallel to the existing 72-inch West Fork interceptor to address system capacity issues in the West Fork Basin. The Fort Worth Wastewater Master Plan recommends construction of the parallel relief line to connect two deep tunnels in downtown Fort Worth with two West Fork trunk sewers near 1st Street, north of Gateway Park. Design