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District 4 Capital Projects

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Eastern Hills Drainage Improvements This multi-phased project will address flooding in the Eastern Hills neighborhood in East Fort Worth. Phase 1: A channel and multi-use detention basin / practice field for regional detention of stormwater was constructed in 2013. Phase 2: Storm drain inlets were installed on Weiler Boulevard and Danciger Road. A spillway was constructed in an existing pond, and a channel was reconstructed downstream. This phase was completed during the Summer 2016. Phase 3: Design is underway to install storm drains and inlets on Monterrey Drive and a portion of Jacqueline Road. Phase 3 is a joint effort with the Water Department and includes water, wastewater and pavement replacement. Design
Gateway Area Infrastructure Improvements Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced and the streets rehabilitated on these streets and alleys: East 4th StreetFrom Covelo Avenue to Denair Avenue Galvez Avenue From Covelo Avenue to South De Costa Street 200 feet north of East 1st Street From North Beach Street to North De Costa Street 200 feet south of East 1st Street From South Harper Street to 200 feet west of Brandies Street Alley between Chenault Street and East 4th Street From Brandies Street to Covelo Avenue Alley between East 4th Street and Galvez Avenue From South De Costa Street to Covelo Avenue 150 feet east of North De Costa Street From Beach Mill Circle to East 1st Street 100 feet south of Brentwood Stair Road From Weiler Boulevard to 200 feet east of Wilson Road Alley between Galvez Avenue and Lawnwood Street From Denair Avenue to Brandies Street Alley between Cottonwood Street and North De Costa Street From 200 feet north of East 1st Street to 500 feet north of Austin Lane Design
Oakwood Trail Storm Drain Extension The eroding ditch located behind the Oakwood Trail Townhomes will be replaced with a storm drain. Design

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Gateway Park Road & Parking Lot Replacement The existing roadways and parking lots will be replaced, reconstructed and/or expanded. Construction
Quanah Parker Park Trails Extension to Arlington River Legacy Park New trails and bridges from Quanah Parker Park to the City of Arlington trail system will be constructed. This includes a trail connection from Mallard Cove Park to the Trinity Trails system. Construction
Summerbrook Park Playground Replacement The existing playground will be replaced. Bid and Award
Sylvania Park Parking & Road Rehabilitation The parking lot and roadway will be rehabilitated. Construction
Transportation Connections for Pedestrians and Bicycles to the Trinity River Trails This project has five-locations and will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will add bicycle and pedestrian connections along Oakland Boulevard from Randol Mill Road to Rosedale Street, Westcreek Drive from I-20 to Kellis Park and at the River Park Trailhead. The connections include paved trails, sidewalks with ADA ramps at intersections, on-street bike lanes with striping and signage, and expanded parking facilities. (Construction to start October 2015.) Phase 2 connection locations are from Quanah Parker Park to Handley-Ederville Road and on to Richland Hills TRE train station, and from the Forest Park Trinity River Trails to the Mistletoe Heights neighborhood via a pedestrian bridge. Connections at these two locations include paved trails, pedestrian bridges, a low-water crossing, retaining walls and on=street bike lanes with striping and signage. (Currently in final design stage.) Construction

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Bicycle Wayfinding Signs Approximately 100 bicycle wayfinding, safety and educational signs will be installed throughout the City to promote awareness of vehicles and bicycles sharing roadways. Locations of signs will be in downtown, the near south side, TCU area, far north Fort Worth along Timberland and Tarrant Parkway, southeast Fort Worth along Maddox and Miller, south Fort Worth along Hulen, and east Fort Worth along Trinity Boulevard. Construction Complete
Bridge Street Sidewalks Sidewalks and pedestrian crossing improvements along Bridge Street, Woodhaven and Boca Raton Boulevard. Design
COG Regional Contract Signal Timing As part of the North Central Texas Council of Governments regional traffic signal retiming project, timing on 140 signals located in Fort Worth will be modified. Construction Complete
East First Street & Bridge East First Street will be reconstructed from Beach Street to Oakland Boulevard as a four-lane, divided arterial street and include a new bridge over the Trinity River. Construction
Kimbo Road Reconstruction of Kimbo Road from North Sylvania Avenue to Mesquite Road. Reconstruction will include new roadway, sidewalks and storm drain system. In addition, water and sewer lines will be rehabilitated or replaced as needed. Design
North Beach Street Construction of an additional travel lane in each direction on North Beach Street from Loop 820 to Fossil Creek is planned, and the existing travel lanes will be rehabilitated. The roadway will become a six-lane divided arterial street. Construction
North Riverside Drive North Riverside Drive from North Tarrant Parkway to Old Denton Road will be constructed as a four-lane, divided arterial street with roundabouts at Thompson Road and Summerfields Boulevard. The project will include new travel lanes, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, shared-use paths, sidewalks, street lights, bicycle lanes and/or rehabilitation of existing travel lanes, as appropriate. Design
Railroad Crossing Intersection Repairs Repairs are being made to railroad crossing surfaces that tie into the roadway. Locations include: Columbus Trail and the FWWR crossing Deen Road at the FWWR crossing Bolt Street at the FWWR crossing Page Avenue at BNSF crossing Westport Parkway at UPRR crossing Bell Spur and TRE crossing Construction
Shiver / Trace Ridge Bike lanes Bike Lanes will be installed along Shiver Road and Trace Ridge Parkway so students can ride bicycles to Lone Star Elementary School. Construction Complete
UPRR Quiet Zone The UPRR railroad crossing at Kroger Drive (US 377) and Wall Price Keller Road will be widened, and alternative safety measures will be added. The railroad signals will be moved, the amp upgraded, signage added and pavement markings installed. These improvements will make the intersection safer and meet the federal railroad Administration's regulations to establish a quiet zone. Construction Complete
Warning Flasher Maintenance & Upgrades Warning flashers for Park Glen Elementary, Contreras Elementary, Kirkpatrick Elementary and Briscoe Elementary will receive maintenance and upgrades that include installing radar driver speed feedback technology. Work will take place during the summer after the school session is completed. Construction Complete

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Big Fossil Parallel Wastewater Line The existing wastewater main that serves Haltom City will be removed from service and wastewater will be diverted to the existing Big Fossil wastewater main. A new parallel main will also be constructed. Construction
Carter Riverside Area Wastewater Improvements Deteriorated wastewater mains will be replaced on the following streets: Belknap Street from Yucca Avenue to North Beach Street North Beach Street from Belknap Street to Springdale Road Springdale Road from North Beach Street to North Riverside Drive Carnation Avenue from west of the Carnation Avenue/Brittain Street Intersection to east of the same intersection Brittain Street from Springdale Road to Selma Street Selma Street from Brittain Street 500 feet east Kearby Street from Beryl Street to 200 feet east Easement between Barbell Lane and David Drive from Hollis Street to 1,050 feet north Easement located 150 feet south of N.E. 28th Street/David Drive from 150 feet west to 250 feet west Easement between Fairview Street and Robinwood Drive from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue Easement between Robinwood Drive and Brittain Street from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue Easement between Brittain Street and Beryl Street from Hollis Street to Selk Avenue N.E. 28th Street from 1,000 feet west of Beach Street/N.E. 28th Street intersection to 600 feet east Elinor Street from N.E. 28th Street to 1,250 feet north Bid and Award
Deerfield Water Improvements Fort Worth water customers who live on the south side of Wall Price Keller Road, between U.S. Hwy. 377 and Ray White Road, are getting a new water line. Water utility lines under Wall Price Keller Road are being extended from the western edge of Freedom Elementary School to Ray White Road, and, from Corral Drive to U.S. Hwy. 377. This is the Deerfield Water Improvement project. The area was annexed by Fort Worth in August 2014. That annexation includes transferring water and wastewater service from the city of Keller to Fort Worth. Transportation & Public Works will coordinate the paving, which should start in mid-March. The project, slated to be complete by May 2018, also includes the replacement of existing valves and fire hydrants. Construction
East Fort Worth Water & Stormwater Utility Infrastructure Improvements Existing water and wastewater mains will be replaced on the following streets: McGee Street from the north dead end to Craig Street Routt Street from Forest Avenue to Hunter Street Routt Street from Hunter Street to Milam Street Routt Street from Milam Street to Mims Street Hunter Street from Church Street to East Lancaster Avenue Lumber Street from Church Street to East Lancaster Avenue Rockhill Road from Blueridge Drive to Oak Hill Road Jacqueline Road from Weiler Boulevard to Jacqueline Court Monterrey Drive from Danciger Drive to Oak Hill Road Meadowbrook Drive from Sandy Lane to Escalante Avenue Halbert Street from Routt Street to Church Street Stormwater improvements will be made on Jacqueline Road from Weiler Boulevard to Yolanda Drive and on Monterrey Drive from Danciger Drive to Oak Hill Road. Culverts will be replaced on Meadowbrook Drive from Sandy Lane to Escalante Avenue. Design
North Tarrant Express Water & Wastewater Line Relocations Fourteen pipe crossings for water and wastewater lines on I-35W, from Loop 820 to I-30, that are in conflict with the additional roadway lanes for the North Tarrant Express project will be relocated. Construction
Randol Mill Road Wastewater Line Improvements This three-phase project replaces the major wastewater collection line from Woodhaven Drive to Village Creek Wastewater Reclamation Facility, and is part of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative agreement between the City of Fort Worth and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The first two phases are complete, and work is underway on the last phase. The final phase is from an area west of Mallard Cove Subdivision along the Trinity River to Woodhaven Drive near Randol Mill Road. The existing wastewater line will be relocated from within Riverbend Estates into the right-of-way along Randol Mill Road. After this is complete, the existing line will no longer be used. Wastewater line work within Riverbend Estates to connect the subdivision to the new section of the wastewater main is also part of the project. The existing 30-inch and 33-inch diameter line will be increased to a new 42-inch pipe. All lanes of Randol Mill Road are expected to be open to traffic by the end of February 2017. The final phase of the Randol Mill Road Wastewater Line Improvement project should be complete by June 30, 2017. Construction
Upper Big Fossil Creek Wastewater Improvements The wastewater main that runs through Fossil Creek Golf Course from Western Center Boulevard to Beach Street will be rehabilitated. Design
Water & Wastewater Improvements - Various Areas Wastewater lines will be replaced in these areas: Halbert Street at Normandy Drive Morrison Drive from John T White Road to I-30 Dove Drive from Kuban Boulevard to John T White Road Perimeter of Stonegate Mobile Home Park Design On Hold

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