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District 5 Capital Projects

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Bunche Park Phase II Additional walks/trails connections, pedestrian bridge crossing, tree planting and security lighting will be added. Design
CentrePort Trail Design
Trinity Trails - River Trails Park to River Legacy Park Trail Design and construction for the expansion of the Trinity Trails system, including, but not limited to, connecting from River Trails Park to River Legacy Park at the boundary with the City of Arlington and locations where city funds can be leveraged through grants and partnerships with other organizations and agencies to create expanded recreational and accessible trail opportunities. <a href="http://fortworthtexas.gov/files/59ac1abf-2899-4d1c-b398-c4b3e4f86353.pdf">Proposed River Trails Park to River Legacy Park Trail Meeting Presentation</a> <a href="http://fortworthtexas.gov/files/d3ded9ad-5023-43cd-bada-ca42bf6625b4.pdf">Exhibit 1 Overall</a> <a href="http://fortworthtexas.gov/files/ac4c32ab-99eb-40f4-8ff3-b5f540dd6d42.pdf">Exhibit 2 West Area</a> <a href="http://fortworthtexas.gov/files/95cb60cd-e943-4c84-bd9a-dd0ca2451a91.pdf">Exhibit 3 East Area</a> Construction
Trinity Trails East Fort Worth Extension New trails and bridges from Quanah Parker Park to the City of Arlington trail system will be constructed. Phase 1 of the project will construct trails from Handley Ederville Road to River Trails Park. This phase is currently in construction and is expected to end November 2019. Phase 2 of the project has not started. As information becomes available, updates will be added. Construction

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Miller / Wilbarger Intersection Improvements Intersection improvements that will improve traffic operations and pedestrian safety are being installed on Wilbarger Street from Miller Avenue to US 287. Construction
Parker-Henderson Road The existing two-lane roadway from Mansfield Highway to Lifestyle Circle will be pulverized and and overlay applied. The roadway from Lifestyle Circle to David Strickland will be reconstructed and sidewalks installed on both sides of the street. Sidewalks will also be installed on the west side of the street from David Strickland to Kellis and on the east side of the street from David Strickland to Willow Springs. The existing bridge will also be replaced. Design
Randol Mill Road from Loop 820 to Precinct Line Road Randol Mill Road from Loop 820 to Precinct Line Road will be reconstructed. Intersection capacity and safety improvements include widening of the roadway shoulders, adding a left-turn lane near Old Randol Mill Road and construction of a roundabout at Precinct Line Road. Construction
Trinity Boulevard Phase 1 – From Loop 820 to Salado Trail This section of roadway will be reconstructed to a 4-lane, divided concrete arterial. This developer-led project includes a landscaped median, multi-use trails on each side of the roadway, drainage system improvements, and new water and sanitary sewer lines. A roundabout will be constructed at the entrance to Trinity Lakes Development, and a traffic signal will be reconstructed at the Salado Trail intersection. After project completion, Trinity Boulevard will no longer be in a floodplain. Phase 2 – From Salado Trail to Thames Trail A 4-lane, divided concrete arterial is planned for this section of Trinity Boulevard. A landscaped median, multi-use trails on each side of the road, drainage improvements and water and sanitary sewer lines will be constructed. This project is funded from the Tarrant County 2006 Bond Program and Federal Highway Administration. Design

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Avenue J & Avenue K Infrastructure Improvements Water mains will be replaced in the area east of Collard Street, between Avenue J and Avenue K. The affected streets include: Avenue J from Collard Street to Little Street (water and paving). Avenue K from Collard Street to Bishop Street (water and paving). Design
Central Meadowbrook & Handley Area Wastewater Improvements Sewer mains will be replaced in the Meadowbrook and Handley areas. The area is bound by East Rosedale Street to the south, Meadowbrook Drive to the north, Queen Street to the west and Hightower Street to the east. The affected streets and alleys include: Tierney Road from Meadowbrook Drive to East Lancaster Avenue East Lancaster Avenue from Tierney Road to Wilson Road Easement between South Erie Street and East Loop 820 from Rosser Street/East Rosedale Street to East Lancaster Avenue Easement between Jewell Avenue and Hightower Street Easement between San Jose Drive and Weiler Boulevard from Jewell Avenue to Meadowbrook Drive Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard Alley between Beaty Street and East Lancaster Avenue from Grandview Drive to Stark Street Easement between Forest Avenue and South Handley Drive from Hart Street to East Rosedale Street Easement between Greenlee Street and Van Natta Lane from Pollard Street to Cravens Road Alley between Meadowbrook Drive and Morris Avenue from Queen Street to Tierney Road Easement between Emily Drive and Maryel Drive from Meadowbrook Drive to Norma Street Easement between Grandview Drive and Weiler Boulevard from East Lancaster Avenue to Greenlee Street Easement between Van Natta Lane and Beaty Street from Grandview Drive to Weiler Boulevard Design
Cooks Lane/Morrison Drive Sewer Main Improvements The sewer main that runs along the easement from Cooks Lane to Morrison Drive will be enlarged to increase the capacity of a main that has deteriorated. The project will end in the area of the Tuscany Apartments on Morrison Drive. Construction
Crooked Lane Water & Wastewater Improvements Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced on Crooked Lane from Morrison Drive to the dead-end of Crooked Lane. Construction
East Fort Worth Water & Sewer Improvements Water and sewer mains will be replaced east of I-35W in an area that is south of I-30, north of US 287 and west of Loop 820 South. Affected streets include: Ellington Drive from Lucas Drive to South Cravens Road Wilhelm Street from Quails Lane to U.S. 287 Stark Street from Hightower Street to Greenlee Street Burke Road from Wilbarger Street to Wilhelm Street Prothrow Street from Lucas Drive to South Cravens Road Design
Eastside & Southside Infrastructure Improvements Water and/or sanitary sewer main improvements will be made on the following street segments. After the utility work is completed, the street will be repaved. Driess Street from East Magnolia Avenue to East Myrtle Street East 4th Street from Denair Avenue to Brandies Street Virginia Avenue from Stella Street to East Annie Street Essex Street from Camilla Street to Vickery Boulevard North Ayers Avenue from Meadowbrook Drive to Mt. Vernon Avenue Purington Avenue from East Lancaster Avenue to Ben Avenue Wilkinson Avenue from Harwood Street to Barron Street Wilson Road from Meadowbrook Drive to Greenlee Street Wallace Street from East Rosedale Street to Avenue J Oak Grove Road from Joel East Road to East Everman Parkway Design
Fairhaven, Eastland & Stop 6 Infrastructure Improvements Improvements are planned for water and/or sanitary sewer mains as well as paving. Sanitary sewer improvements are part of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative Program. This is also a joint project with Transportation and Public Works. Affected streets include: Freddie Street from East Berry Street to Reed Street Noe Street from Forbes Street to East Berry Street South Hughes Avenue from Hardeman Street to Willbarger Street San Rose Drive from Fitzhugh Avenue to Forbes Street Forbes Court from Forbes Street to Langston Street Binkley Street from Burchill Road to Burchill Road South Burchill Road from Binkley Street to Vaughn Boulevard Burchill Road South from Thrall Street to Burchill Road Little Street from Avenue J to Ada Avenue Design
Handley Area Water & Wastewater Improvements Contractors are repairing wastewater lines on two segments of West Pioneer Parkway (Spur 303) in Fort Worth as part of the city’s Handley Area Water and Wastewater Improvement project. The project is expected to be complete by July 2018. A water line under Handley Drive, from East Rosedale Street to Craig Street, is being replaced. Wastewater line work is also being done on Quail Road and Dowdell Road within Eugene McCray Park. The park is located on the west side of Lake Arlington. Construction
Lake Arlington Lift Station Gravity Main Portions of the existing wastewater collection system serving the Village Creek Wastewater Basin are at capacity. Increased capacity is necessary to handle projected growth within the basin, which also includes the wholesale customer cities of Burleson and Crowley. The design for the upstream and downstream sewer gravity mains (which will connect to the force main of the lift station) includes a 5,000 foot, 78-inch sewer main as well as a 3,000 foot 60-inch sewer main that would tie in to an existing 60-inch sewer main near the intersection of Cook’s Lane and Lancaster Avenue. Design
Lake Shore Streets Water & Sewer Improvements Deteriorated water and sewer mains will be replaced on segments of Grayson Street, Elgin Street, Handley Drive and Casa Loma Terrace. Portions of water mains on Avenue K, Avenue L, Avenue M, Avenue N and Millet Avenue - where they each cross Campbell Street - will also be replaced to accommodate the proposed pavement rehabilitation on a segment of Campbell Street. Construction
Parkside & Stop 6/Sunrise Areas Wastewater Improvements Sanitary sewer mains will be constructed in the Weisenberger, Parkside and Stop 6/Sunrise areas. Affected streets include: Sun Valley Drive from Marie Jones Road to East Loop 820 Burton Avenue from Carverly Avenue to Stalcup Road Carverly Avenue from Richardson Street to Burton Avenue Construction
Stop Six / Rosedale Area Sewer Improvements Sewer lines will be rehabilitated on the following streets: Burke Road from Quails Lane to 120 feet south Anglin Drive from Eastland Street to Virgil Street East Berry Street from Candace Drive to Carey Street Hilldale Road from Garden Lane to 350 feet north Rosedale Street/Tension Drive from Stalcup Road to the UPRR right of way Village Creek Road from 100 feet north of Pinson Street/Village Creek Road intersection to 900 feet north Tierney Road from 250 feet north of Meadowbrook/Tierney Road intersection to 650 feet north Clotell Court from East Berry Street to the dead end Alley between MacArthur Drive and Wainwright Drive from 100 feet east of Stalcup Road to Carverly Drive Alley between Wainwright Drive and Eisenhower Drive from 100 feet east of Stalcup Road to Carverly Drive Alley between Hughes Avenue and Tahoe Drive from Hardeman Street to 400 feet south Alley between Tahoe Drive and Carmel Drive from Hardeman Street to 400 feet south Alley between Carmel Drive and Burke Road from Hardeman Street to 400 feet south Alley between Burke Road and Wilhelm Street from 400 feet south of Hardeman Street to 700 feet Construction
Village Creek Clarifier Replacement and Grit Removal Grit removal process will be performed at the Village Creek facility. Design
Village Creek Drainage Basin Sewer Rehabilitation Sewer improvements will be made at various locations from Lancaster Avenue to Mansfield Highway. Construction
Village Creek Reclamation Facility Biosolids Storage Tanks Two bio-solid ground storage tanks will be installed at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Construction
Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility - Chemical Storage Improvements Safety improvements will be made for storing chemicals. Construction
Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility - Thickener Process Improvements Existing dissolved air floatation sludge thickeners will be replaced, and modification or rehabilitation of the existing sludge thickener clarifiers will be made. Design
Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility Energy Improvements This phase of the project will modify the methane gas system and make electrical improvements to allow the second turbine generator to operate full-time and allow the plant to export power during normal flow operations. On Hold
Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility Odor Control Improvements Phase 1 of this project will reconstruct the deteriorated wastewater structure at the Walker Branch connection to West Fork Interceptors to improve odor control in the collection system and Village Creek Reclamation Facility. Design
Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility Switchgear Replacements Aging and obsolete switchgears at the Village Creek Reclamation Facility will be removed, modified and/or replaced. Construction
Water & Wastewater Improvements - Various Areas Wastewater lines will be replaced in these areas: Halbert Street at Normandy Drive Morrison Drive from John T White Road to I-30 Dove Drive from Kuban Boulevard to John T White Road Perimeter of Stonegate Mobile Home Park Design