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District 7 Capital Projects

Animal Care & Control Improvements

Project Description Status
Animal Care & Control Facility A second animal care and control facility that will be located in north Fort Worth will be designed. This facility is expected to house approximately 100 animals Construction

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Central Arlington Heights Property Acquisition & Drainage Improvements Update on the voluntary property acquisition project to acquire flood-prone properties on Western and Carleton between Bryce and El Campo: In the June 18, 2019 City Council meeting, recommendations presented for the voluntary acquisition of 4 properties in the Central Arlington Heights neighborhood using City Stormwater Management funding was approved. Throughout this voluntary acquisition project, staff has maintained ongoing communication with additional property owners in the area who also may be interested in participating in voluntary property acquisition. Results of this ongoing communication appears to indicate additional voluntary property acquisitions may be forthcoming and presented to City Council on August 2019. City Council does not meet during the month of July. In addition, 2 other properties on Western Ave have qualified for the use of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant funding for voluntary property acquisition. The administrative process for receiving funding is ongoing and upon confirmation of funding, staff will coordinate the appraisals and upon receipt of the completed appraisals, offers will be made to the property owners. We have received petitions from residents throughout the Arlington Heights community objecting to the voluntary acquisition project and are continuing to listen to concerns as we develop recommendations for future property use. City staff appreciates the thoughts, opinions and input shared throughout this voluntary property acquisition project and our efforts are committed to working with all involved to optimize the outcome for all stakeholders. If you have any questions regarding this project, contact Project Manager Mike Bennett with the City of Fort Worth at 817-392-7891 or mike.bennett@fortworthtexas.gov. <a href="http://fortworthtexas.gov/files/2f2be581-a451-437f-b97e-96d7269a9d53.pdf">Read more FAQs</a> Planning
Keller Haslet Culvert Improvements The City of Fort Worth will be removing the undersized culverts under Keller Haslet Road and constructing new, larger culverts. Construction will include relocation of a waterline and reconstruction of a sewer line. Design
Shoreview Culvert Improvements This project includes raising the roadway and installation of multiple reinforced concrete box culverts at the stream on Shoreview Drive near the intersection of Bomber Road. Improvements include retaining walls, concrete pavement, and a maintenance access road. A drainage study will be completed prior to construction to verify the number and size of the culverts. Design

Fire Safety Improvements

Project Description Status
Fire Station 45 Land acquisition, design and construction of a new fire station and supporting infrastructure and equipment. Design

Library System Improvements

Project Description Status
Far North Library A new library in far north Fort Worth will be designed, constructed furnished, and equipped. The library would also house a Municipal Court kiosk equipped with a computer station for video conferencing, fine and fee payment, and other court services, as well as seating for kiosk users. The proposed facility will primarily serve the northern most Council Districts in the City. Construction

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Alliance Park Development I & II Implementation of the park master plan for new community park in far north Fort Worth, including, but not limited to, the construction of athletic fields, athletic field lighting, trails parking, security lighting, and supporting infrastructure and equipment. Construction
Lake Worth Trails This project will be constructed in two phases. This project includes the construction of an/off-street hike and bike trail system. This trail system will start at Trinity Trails network near Anahuac Street and continue through the YMCA Camp Carter, Marion Sansom Park and along Lake Worth through Windswept Circle Park, Plover Circle Park and end at Arrow "S" Park. Design
Northwest Community Center Design and construction of a new community center, including, but not limited to, gymnasium, fitness area, fitness equipment, and meeting rooms with a goal of leveraging City funds through partnerships with other organizations, agencies, municipalities or school districts and creating expanded recreational opportunities, address expanded partnership initiatives or improve accessibility. Planning
Northwest Community Park Road Improvements Planning

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Avondale Haslet Road Improvements For approximately 2.4 miles, Avondale Haslet Road from Willow Creek Drive to the east Fort Worth city limit will be reconstructed from a 2-lane undivided road to a 4-lane divided roadway including curb and gutter, stormwater drainage and 10 foot shared use paths. This improvement will reduce congestion and improve mobility. The project includes three (3) signalized intersections, box culvert improvements at existing creek crossings, and miscellaneous water and wastewater improvements. " Design
Clover Lane & Will Rogers Road West This project includes reconstruction of Clover Lane from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Birchman Lane. Work includes replacement of pavement, reconstruction of damaged driveways and sidewalks, installation of new water and wastewater lines and rerouting of storm drains between Collinwood and El Campo. Reconstruction of Will Rogers Road West from Camp Bowie to West Lancaster Avenue will also be completed. This portion includes replacement of existing pavement and reconstruction of sidewalks on the east side of the road. <a href="https://youtu.be/cuka0IM8Id4">View the presentation from the meeting on March 16, 2020</a> Design
Cromwell Marine Creek Road A four-lane divided road from Bowman Roberts Road to South Chesterfield Drive with two-lane roundabouts at Bowman Roberts Road and Huffines Boulevard will be constructed. Improvements will include roadway paving, drainage, street lights and pedestrian and bike facilities. The existing roadway pavement will also be resurfaced along the remainder of the project limits. Design
Golden Triangle Boulevard & Harmon Roundabout Construct A roundabout at Golden Triangle Boulevard and Harmon Road with associated infrastructure will be constructed. This includes but not limited to drainage, sidewalks and street lights. Design
Harmon Road Harmon Road will be rebuilt as a four-lane road from Golden Triangle Boulevard to US 287. Roundabouts will be built at Golden Triangle, Heritage Trace Parkway and Presidio Vista Drive. Design
Hulen Street Sidewalks Installation of sidewalks and ADA ramps at five locations along Hulen Street. The locations include: Hulen Street from I-30 to Bryce Avenue Hulen Street from north of Hartwood Drive to north of Bellaire Drive Hartwood Drive from Hulen Street to Overton Park Drive West Clearfork Main Street from Hulen Street to Trinity Trails Hulen Street from Greenshire Place to Kingswood Drive Construction
Keller Hicks Road A 3-lane undivided concrete pavement section including a 2-way left turn lane will be constructed from Lauren Way to Katy Road. A 2-lane divided concrete pavement section with auxiliary lanes and a railroad quiet zone will be constructed from Katy Road to U.S. 377, within the City of Keller. Intersection improvements at Katy Road will provide for one-lane each way with a dedicated left-turn lane and a traffic signal. Improvements include roadway paving, drainage, street lights, a traffic signal, and pedestrian and bike facilities. Design
North Riverside Drive North Riverside Drive will be expanded from two to four lanes from Golden Triangle Boulevard to Keller Hicks Road. Drainage, sidewalks and street lights will also be improved. Design
Park Vista Boulevard / Keller Haslet Road Intersection Improvements Improvements to the Park Vista Boulevard and Keller Haslet Road intersection will be made to improve traffic flow. This project includes installation of a traffic signal and left turn lanes along Keller Haslet Road. Design
Sendera Ranch Blvd and Diamondback Lane Traffic Signal Improvements to the intersection of Sendera Ranch Boulevard and Diamondback Lane will include a traffic signal as well as sidewalks, curb ramps and pedestrian crossing signals. Design
Silver Creek Road Improvements This project has been scheduled in two phases. Phase 1: Silver Creek Road from Live Oak Bridge to the Silver Creek Bridge. Construction on this segment of the roadway was completed June 30, 2015. Phase 2: Silver Creek Road from White Settlement ISD to the Live Oak Bridge and north to the City Limits. Phase 2 is in the early design phase. Improvements include intersection capacity and safety improvements, rehabilitation of the existing roadway and widening of the roadway shoulders. Design
Traffic Signal Improvements Design and construction of traffic signal and pedestrian facility improvements at three intersections. North Main Street at East Long Avenue Camp Bowie Boulevard at Van Cliburn Way Montgomery Street at Lovell Avenue Bid and Award
WJ Boaz & Bowman Roberts Road Intersection Improvements The Intersection of WJ Boaz Road and Bowman Roberts Road will be reconstructed as a single-lane roundabout. <a href="https://youtu.be/jW1A62jew7w">View the presentation for the meeting originally scheduled for March 23, 2020.</a> Design
Westport Parkway This project will construct a four lane divided roadway between Altavista Road and Keller Haslet Road including new shared path walkways. Design

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Arlington Heights Area Water & Sewer Main Replacement Water and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced in the Arlington Heights area on Clover Lane from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Birchman Avenue. Design
Belle Place, Margaret, Owasso and Sutter Infrastructure Improvements. Water and sanitary sewer main improvements will made in an area bound by Calmont Avenue to the south, Byers Avenue to the north, Margaret Street to the east and Belle Place to the west. The affected streets include Belle Place from Linden Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water and paving); Margaret Street from Byers Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving); Owasso Street from Byers Avenue to Calmont Avenue (sewer and paving); and Sutter Street from Byers Avenue to Pershing Avenue (sewer and paving). Design
Blue Mound Road Water Main Relocation The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has plans to reconstruct and widen FM156 (Blue Mound Road) from U.S. 81/U.S. 287 to Watauga Smithfield Road. This project requires the City to relocate water mains located along the Blue Mound corridor. Design
Churchill Road Water & Sewer Improvements Water and sewer line improvements will be made on Churchill Road in Fort Worth and River Oaks. A new water line will be installed on Churchill Road from White Settlement Road to River Oaks Boulevard / State Hwy. 183. Affected streets include: Churchill Road from White Settlement Road to Doyle Drive Churchill Road from Doyle Drive to Custer Drive Churchill Road from Custer Drive to River Oaks Boulevard / State Hwy. 183 Churchill Road at the swale north of White Settlement Road (sewer) Churchill Road from Blackstone Drive to Byron Street (water and sewer) Churchill Road from White Oak Lane to East of Churchill Road (sewer) Churchill Road from Black Oak Lane to Banks Street (water and sewer) Churchill Road from Custer Drive to Banks Street (water and sewer) Churchill Road from Tidwell Drive to Banks Street (water and sewer) Churchill Road from Ohio Garden Boulevard to Banks Street (water and sewer) Churchill Road from Meeker Boulevard to Banks Street (water) Churchill Road from Barbara Road to Palmetto Drive (water) Churchill Road from White Oak Lane to Springer Avenue (water) Construction
Como Area Wastewater Improvements Deteriorated wastewater lines located in alleys in the Arlington Heights and Como neighborhoods will be replaced. Alley between Pershing Avenue and El Campo Avenue From Faron Street to 250 feet east of Faron Street Alley between Pershing Avenue and Birchman Avenue From 250 feet east of Faron Street to 100 feet west of Bourine Street Interstate 30 From Merrick Street to Eldridge Street Alley between Calmont Avenue and Birchman Avenue From Eldridge Street to 200 feet east of Kenley Street Camp Bowie Boulevard From 300 feet east of Halloran Street to Horne Street Alley between Lisbon Street and Valentine Street From Bedford Street to Chambers Avenue Alley between Houghton Avenue and Diaz Avenue From Horne Street to Bourine Street Alley between Wellesley Avenue and Houghton Avenue From Faron Street to Bourine Street Alley between Wellesley Avenue and Houghton Avenue From Hervie Street to Merrick Street Alley between Bonnell Avenue and Fletcher Avenue From Bryant Irvin Road North to Halloran Street Bourine Street From Goodman Avenue to Fletcher Avenue Alley between Kilpatrick Avenue and Bonnell Avenue From 300 feet west of Bourine Street to Bourine Street Alley between Goodman Avenue and Kilpatrick Avenue From Horne Street to 300 feet west of Faron Street Alley between Goodman Avenue and Kilpatrick Avenue From Hervie Street to Prevost Street Alley between Libby Avenue and Goodman Avenue From Prevost Street to 200 feet east of Merrick Street Alley between Blackmore Avenue and Libby Avenue From Hervie Street to Prevost Street Alley between Shiloh Drive and Chariot Drive From Horne Street to Bourine Street Construction
Cultural District Water & Sewer Improvements Water and sewer improvements in the Cultural District are bound by Trail Drive to the west, the Billingsley Field House to the north, the Clear Fork Trinity River to the east and Crestline Road and River Drive to the south. The affected streets include Crestline Road – just east of Trail Drive – east to Trinity Park then to River Drive and ending just short of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River; Trinity Park Drive from Crestline Road to the walkway; and Foch Street from Trinity Park Drive to just north of Crestline Road (street south of the Billingsley Field House). Construction
Eagle Mountain Sewer Diversion Line A new 20-inch force main and 36-inch gravity sewer from the newly expanded Dozier Creek Lift Station on Eagle Mountain Lake to the Big Fossil Creek Collector will be installed. This project has been identified in the Sewer Master Plan (WWMP-28) to divert existing flow from the Marine Creek Collector and has been accelerated due to growth in northwest Fort Worth along the Marine Creek Collector which is already at capacity. Construction
Lake Worth Water & Sewer Improvements Part 2 Deteriorated water and/or sanitary sewer mains will be replaced. Affected streets include: Johns Way from Norris Valley Drive to Shadydell Drive Huntdale Court from Huntdale Court to Cul-de-sac Rushwood Court from Johns Way to Johns Way Jolley Court from Johns Way to Johns Way Circle Ridge Drive from Skyline Drive to Circle Ridge Drive Crown Road from Skyline Drive to Dead End Circle Ridge Drive from Circle Ridge Drive to West Jacksboro Highway Jacksboro Highway from Circle Ridge Drive to Capri Drive Easement west of Circle Ridge Drive from 500 feet east of the Circle Ridge/Hillside Drive Intersection to 860 feet northeast Easement between Skyline Drive and Brookhollow Drive from 250 feet south of Montrose Drive/ Brookhollow Drive Intersections to 200 feet west and 300 feet south Easement between Yale Street and Roberts Cut-off Road from Castleberry Cut-off from 600 feet east of Yale Street/Castleberry Cut-off intersection to 2,000 feet south to Amherst Avenue Easement between Sherman Avenue and Titus Street from 200 feet north and 450 feet east of the Sherman Avenue/30th Street intersection to 800 feet southwest, 200 feet west, 800 feet southwest, then 200 feet west, then 800 feet southwest Design
Meadow Lakes/Jenkins Heights Abandonment This project includes design of the force main from Meadow Lakes to east of Boat Club Road; gravity sewer from Jinkins Heights lift station to Meadow Lakes lift station; and decommissioning of the Jinkins Heights lift station. The streets affected include: Roxanne Way from Hodgkins Lane to Shadydell Drive Shadydell Drive from Roxanne Way to Boat Club Road Woodlake Drive from Shadydell Drive to 100 feet south of Shadydell Drive Construction
North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 1 A new 48-inch water supply main will be installed that will carry water to and from the Caylor Ground Storage Tanks. This phase of the project includes construction of a water line from Alta Vista Road and Timberland Boulevard to Keller Hicks Road and Old Denton Road, and the extension of the water line from Keller Hicks Road and Old Denton Road to Harmon Road and Heritage Trace Parkway. Construction
North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 2 This project is the continuation of the installation of a new water supply main to serve the increased demands from the City of Keller, City of Southlake, Trophy Club and north Fort Worth. This project is divided into three parts: • Installation of a 48-inch water main from the Heritage Trace Parkway/Harmon Road intersection to Wagley Robertson Road; a 36-inch water main on Darnell Street from Van Cliburn Way to North University Drive; and an 8-inch sewer main along Keller Hicks Road from 3230 Keller Hicks Road to the west 900 feet. • Installation of a 48-inch water main from Wagley Robertson Road to Parkview Hills Lane. • Installation of a 48-inch water main from Parkview Hills Lane to Longhorn Road. Construction
Northside & River District Lead Replacement and Infrastructure Improvements Water and sewer lines will be rehabilitated on the following streets north and east of Jacksboro Highway and in the River District and Rockwood area. All City-owned lead service lines will be replaced as well. NW 27th Street from West Long Avenue to Macie Avenue Azle Avenue from Macie Avenue to Robinson Street Columbus Avenue from NW 20th Street to NW 22nd Street Loving Avenue from NW 26th Street to 28th Street Westwood Avenue from Sherwood Avenue to Edgefield Road Sunset Lane from Athenia Drive to Scott Road Design
Road Runner, Jacksboro Highway & Surfside Infrastructure Improvements Water and/or sewer mains will be replaced on three streets in an area bound by Road Runner Circle to the west and north, Surfside Drive to the east and Watercress Drive to the south. The affected streets include Road Runner Circle from 3,000 feet west of the Jacksboro Highway/Surfside Drive intersection to westerly 2,000 feet; Jacksboro Highway from Road Runner Circle to Surfside Drive; and Surfside Drive from Watercress Drive to Jacksboro Highway. Design
State Highway 170 Water Transmission Line A 30-inch water transmission line will be installed along State Highway 170. Construction
State Hwy. 170 Water Main Crossing Relocations The Texas Department of Transportation is proposing to build four main lanes and associated improvements along State Hwy. 170/Alliance Gateway Freeway from 0.5 miles east of I-35W in Fort Worth to Trophy Club Drive in Trophy Club. This part of the project calls for the relocation of four existing City of Fort Worth water main crossings along State Hwy. 170 that are in direct conflict with the proposed roadway improvements. The crossings are located at Beach Street, Alta Vista Road, Westport Parkway and Independence Parkway. Utility grade adjustments are required at an additional water line crossing near Victory Lane. The relocations are projected to be complete by August 2020. This project is bound by I-35W to the west and Hwy 377/Denton Hwy to the east. The construction impacts Council District 7 and the North Fort Worth Alliance. Design
Watercress Low Pressure Sewer Improvements This area around Lake Worth was previously served by water wells and septic systems. Improvements include installation of a low pressure sewer system and individual grinder pumps. Affected streets include: Watercress Drive from Wildwood Park area to Surfside Drive. Peninsula Club from Watercress Drive to Watercress Drive. Sunrise Point Court from the dead end to Peninsula Club. North Lake Drive from Watercress Drive to Watercress Drive. Island View Drive from Watercress Drive to Watercress Drive. Lupine Circle East from Ella Young to the dead end. Lupine Circle South from Midland Drive to the dead end. Lupine Circle West from Lupine Circle South to the dead end. Construction
West Fork Basin Sanitary Sewer Main Parallel Interceptor Project A 30-inch parallel relief sewer line will be installed. This sanitary sewer main services customers in the West Fork Basin. The project is located within the city limits of Fort Worth and Westworth Village. Design
Westside Alliance & Arlington Heights Infrastructure Improvements Water and sanitary sewer main improvements will made in a project area bound by I-30 to the south, West 7th Street to the north, Penticost Street to the west and Montgomery Street to the east. The affected streets include Belle Place from West 7th Street to Mattison Avenue (sewer and paving); Kenley Street from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving); Madelene Place from Clarke Avenue to Camp Bowie Boulevard (water and paving); Sanguinet Street from Byers Avenue to El Campo Avenue (water, sewer and paving); Harley Avenue from Owasso Street to Sutter Street (water and paving); Penticost Street from Birchman Avenue to the southern dead end (sewer and paving); and Washburn Avenue from Montgomery Street to Sutter Street (water, sewer and paving). Design
Westside Pressure Plane and Water Improvements New water mains will be installed in streets and in easements on the west side of Fort Worth to alleviate low water pressure issues. In addition, part of one westside pressure plane (Westside 2) will be transferred to an adjacent westside pressure plane (Westside 3) that has a higher operating pressure. The construction is south of I-30, east of Loop 820 and west of Alta Mere Drive/Benbrook Highway. The affected area includes Davenport Avenue, starting just east of Bonnie Drive, and moving to just east of Benbrook Boulevard, then turning south to end north of Pensacola Avenue; Camp Bowie Boulevard West from West Normandale Street to west of Clovis Road; the south side of Camp Bowie Boulevard starting 400 feet west of Renzel Boulevard to 300 feet east of Renzel Boulevard, and south along Renzel Boulevard 60 feet; the north side of Camp Bowie Boulevard from just east of Las Vegas Trail to just east of Brandon Lane, then south - parallel to Brandon Lane crossing Camp Bowie Boulevard 200 feet; Chapin Road from Renzel Boulevard to just west of Westerly Road; Bangor Drive from Cork Place to Westerly Road; Chapin Road from Bonnie Drive to Bonnie Drive; West Elizabeth Lane from Curtis Drive to Reagan Drive; Slocum Avenue from Marquita Drive to Ramona Drive; Joyce Drive from Slocum Avenue to Rosewood Avenue; Rosewood Avenue from Joyce Drive to North Z Boaz Community Park, then through the park to Lackland Road; Lackland Road from south of Locke Avenue to Curzon Avenue; Camp Bowie at Olive Place; and, Greenway Road from Bigham Boulevard to Garland Avenue. Design