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District 7 Capital Projects

Animal Care & Control Improvements

Project Description Status
Animal Care & Control Facility A second animal care and control facility that will be located in north Fort Worth will be designed. This facility is expected to house approximately 100 animals Not Started

Library System Improvements

Project Description Status
Far North Library A new library in far north Fort Worth will be designed, constructed furnished, and equipped. The library would also house a Municipal Court kiosk equipped with a computer station for video conferencing, fine and fee payment, and other court services, as well as seating for kiosk users. The proposed facility will primarily serve the northern most Council Districts in the City. Construction

Municipal Service Facility Improvements

Project Description Status
North Service Center The City will construct a new service center in north Fort Worth to house Transportation & Public Works field operations crews and Property Management Fleet Services maintenance staff so staff is in closer proximity to outlying population growth areas in order to increase operational efficiencies, reduce travel times and reduce fuel costs. Construction

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Alliance Community Park Master Plan & Phase 1 Development A master plan will be developed for the park. Amenities will include athletic fields, playgrounds, walking trails, shelters, benches, picnic tables and other amenities that are identified by the community through the public meeting process. Design
Arrow S Park Playground Replacement The existing playgrounds will be replaced. Construction
Camp Joy Park Playground Replacement The existing playgrounds will be replaced. Construction
Lake Worth Trails Phase 1 of this project includes construction of an/off street hike and bike trail system. This trail system will start at Trinity Trails network near Anahauc Street and continue through the YMCA Camp Carter, Marion Sansom Park and along Lake Worth through Windswept Circle Park, Plover Circle Park and end at Arrow "S" Park. Design
Marion Sansom Park Road & Parking Lot Replacement The existing park roadway and parking lot will be replaced, reconstructed and/or expanded. Design
Monticello Park Playground Replacement The existing playground will be replaced. Construction
Northwest Community Park Phase 2 A competition level ball field athletic complex at Northwest Community Park will be developed and include supporting infrastructure. Construction
Thomas Place Park / Community Center Road & Parking Lot Replacement The existing roadway and parking lot will be replaced, reconstructed and/or expanded. Design

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Blue Mound Road Construction of Blue Mound Road from Willow Springs Road to US Highway 81/287 will include new travel lanes, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, sidewalks, street lights, bicycle lanes and/or rehabilitation of existing travel lanes, as appropriate. The roadway will become a four-lane, divided arterial street. Design
Bryant Irvin & I-20 Intersection Improvements The City will partner with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to construct intersection capacity improvements at the intersection of Bryant Irvin and IH-20. These improvements include dedicated left-turn lanes, two additional through lanes, street lights, traffic signal improvements and pedestrian facilities. Construction On Hold
Heritage Trace Parkway Roundabout at Harmon Road & Tehama Ridge This project is located at the intersection of Heritage Trace Parkway and Tehama Ridge Parkway. Intersection improvements will be constructed that include a roundabout with lighting, pedestrian ramps and sidewalks. Construction
Montgomery Street This 2014 bond-funded project is located on Montgomery Street from I-30 to Camp Bowie Boulevard. The existing arterial is scheduled to be reconstructed in coordination with the multipurpose arena and parking garage project. Design elements currently being considered include roadway layout, shared-use path, bike lanes, landscaping, water main lines and other parkway improvements. Design
Park Vista Boulevard Improvements Park Vista Boulevard from Ray White Road to Keller-Hicks Road will be constructed as a two- to four-lane divided arterial. Water utility lines, storm drain system, a bridge, roundabouts and street lights are included in the construction project. New roundabouts will be located at the intersections of Park Vista Boulevard and Ray White Road, Park Vista Boulevard and Keller Hicks Road, Golden Triangle Boulevard and Park Vista Boulevard, and farther east on Golden Triangle Boulevard. Construction
Silver Creek Road Improvements This project has been scheduled in two phases. Phase 1: Silver Creek Road from Live Oak Bridge to the Silver Creek Bridge. Construction on this segment of the roadway was completed June 30, 2015. Phase 2: Silver Creek Road from White Settlement ISD to the Live Oak Bridge and north to the City Limits. Phase 2 is in the early design phase. Improvements include intersection capacity and safety improvements, rehabilitation of the existing roadway and widening of the roadway shoulders. Design
Timberland & Park Vista Boulevards This project will be constructed in three phases. Phase 1: Park Vista Boulevard from West Caylor Road to Timberland Boulevard and Timberland Boulevard from North Caylor Road to Park Vista Boulevard will be constructed as a new four-lane, divided arterial. Phase 2: Timberland Boulevard from Excelsior Lane to North Caylor Road will be constructed as a five-lane, undivided arterial. Phase 3: This phase will build Timberland Boulevard from Park Vista Boulevard to US 377 as a new four-lane, divided arterial. Construction
Westport Parkway Intersection Improvements on Westport Parkway will include a roundabout at the intersection of Westport Parkway and Alta Vista Road as well as a roadway improvements to connect Westport Parkway to Keller Haslet Road. Design

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
(Casino Beach Love Circle) - Meadow Lakes/Jinkins Heights Abandonment-Roxanne Way Water Line Part 3 This project includes design of the force main from Meadow Lakes to east of Boat Club Road; gravity sewer from Jinkins Heights lift station to Meadow Lakes lift station; and decommissioning of the Jinkins Heights lift station. Design
Casino Beach & Love Circle Water & Wastewater Improvements Water and wastewater lines will be extended in order to provide service to the Lake Worth area currently not served by the City of Fort Worth. Water lines will be constructed along Watercress Drive from Silver Creek Road to Surfside Drive and across Lake Worth from the south side of the Lake Worth Marina Park to Casino Beach Park. A wastewater lift station is being installed in Casino Beach Park. A wastewater main will be installed starting from the existing Meadow Lakes lift station, under Lake Worth, and to Love Circle and Jacksboro Highway. Future phases of the project will involve installation of a water line around Love Circle, under Jacksboro Highway, to Surfside Drive, Watercress Drive, and along Watercress Drive from Surfside Drive to Jacksboro Highway. A wastewater main line will also be included in the construction. Construction
Caylor Ground Storage Tank The five million gallon water storage tank is being sandblasted and painted with a new long-life coating system. Streets that may be affected by noise and debris from the project include the following: North Caylor Road - From Timberland Boulevard to Bickmore Lane Landisburg Trail - From Excelsior Lane to Bickmore Lane Bickmore Lane - From North Caylor Road to Excelsior Lane Bedington Lane - From Bickmore Lane to Danville Drive Construction
Como Area Wastewater Improvements Deteriorated wastewater lines located in alleys in the Arlington Heights and Como neighborhoods will be replaced. Construction
Cultural District Water & Sewer Improvements Water and sewer improvements will be made on utility lines located on: Montgomery Street from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Interstate 30 Crestline Road from University Drive to Forest Park Boulevard Design
Eagle Mountain Sewer Diversion Line A new 20-inch force main and 36-inch gravity sewer from the newly expanded Dozier Creek Lift Station on Eagle Mountain Lake to the Big Fossil Creek Collector will be installed. This project has been identified in the Sewer Master Plan (WWMP-28) to divert existing flow from the Marine Creek Collector and has been accelerated due to growth in northwest Fort Worth along the Marine Creek Collector which is already at capacity. Design
Marine Creek Wastewater Line Improvements Marine Creek interceptor lines that are located along Huffines Road, Cromwell Marine Creek Road, and Boat Club Road will be rehabilitated. Construction
North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 1 A new 48-inch water supply main will be installed that will carry water to and from the Caylor Ground Storage Tanks. This phase of the project includes construction of a water line from Alta Vista Road and Timberland Boulevard to Keller Hicks Road and Old Denton Road, and the extension of the water line from Keller Hicks Road and Old Denton Road to Harmon Road and Heritage Trace Parkway. Construction
North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 2 This is the continuation of the installation of a new water supply main to serve the increased demands from the City of Keller, City of Southlake, Trophy Club and north Fort Worth. Construction
Northside IV Water Main Phase I The 24-inch water line along Bowman Roberts Road will be replaced. Construction
Seminary Hill Elevated Storage Tank Repair and Repainting (Part 1) and Willow Springs Elevated Storage Tank Interior Coating Replacement (Part 2) The Seminary Hill 2 million gallon (2 MG) Elevated Storage Tank was built in 1947 and last rehabilitated in 1999. The Willow Springs Composite 2 MG Elevated Tank was built in 2010. Both tanks provide potable water storage and fire protection for areas in south and far northwest Fort Worth, respectively. The existing coating system for both tanks will be replaced in order to protect the structural steel from erosion. Design
State Highway 114 Water Line Relocation A water transmission line located along State Highway 114 is being relocated as part of the Texas Department of Transportation's highway widening project. Part three of the project includes SH 114 from Double Eagle Boulevard to FM 156. Construction
State Highway 170 Water Transmission Line A 30-inch water transmission line will be installed along State Highway 170. Design

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