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District 8 Capital Projects

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Gateway Area Infrastructure Improvements

Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced and the streets rehabilitated on these streets and alleys:

East 4th StreetFrom Covelo Avenue to Denair Avenue

Galvez Avenue From Covelo Avenue to South De Costa Street

200 feet north of East 1st Street From North Beach Street to North De Costa Street

200 feet south of East 1st Street From South Harper Street to 200 feet west of Brandies Street

Alley between Chenault Street and East 4th Street From Brandies Street to Covelo Avenue

Alley between East 4th Street and Galvez Avenue From South De Costa Street to Covelo Avenue

150 feet east of North De Costa Street From Beach Mill Circle to East 1st Street

100 feet south of Brentwood Stair Road From Weiler Boulevard to 200 feet east of Wilson Road

Alley between Galvez Avenue and Lawnwood Street From Denair Avenue to Brandies Street

Alley between Cottonwood Street and North De Costa Street From 200 feet north of East 1st Street to 500 feet north of Austin Lane


Library System Improvements

Project Description Status
Eastside Library

A new, branch library will be designed, constructed, furnished and equipped (including opening day book collection) to provide additional service to east Fort Worth. The proposed library location is located on East Lancaster Avenue.

Project Schedule is under development.


Municipal Service Facility Improvements

Project Description Status
Guinn School Commemorative Plaza

A commemorative plaza will be designed and constructed at the Guinn School located on Rosedale Street.

Design On Hold
Municipal Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Design of a new Equipment Service Center within the Holly Water Treatment Plant (WTP) compound, which will service Water Department and other City vehicles. Funding for the remaining project construction costs will come from other sources.


Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Andrew Doc Sessions Community Center Park Road & Parking Lot Replacement

The roadway and parking lot will be reconstructed or expaned.

Harmon Park Improvements

Competition soccer fields will be constructed and the parking lot expanded.

Harvey Street Park Playground Replacement

The existing playgrounds will be replaced.

Bid and Award
Hillside Park Road & Parking Lot Replacement

The existing park roadway and parking lot will be replaced, reconstructed and/or expanded.

Oakland Lake Park Master Plan & Improvements

The Oakland Lake Park Master Plan will be revised and improvements being considered include a disc golf course, tennis court, skate park, trail repair and multi-use court shelter.

Transportation Connections for Pedestrians and Bicycles to the Trinity River Trails

This project has five-locations and will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will add bicycle and pedestrian connections along Oakland Boulevard from Randol Mill Road to Rosedale Street, Westcreek Drive from I-20 to Kellis Park and at the River Park Trailhead. The connections include paved trails, sidewalks with ADA ramps at intersections, on-street bike lanes with striping and signage, and expanded parking facilities. (Construction to start October 2015.)

Phase 2 connection locations are from Quanah Parker Park to Handley-Ederville Road and on to Richland Hills TRE train station, and from the Forest Park Trinity River Trails to the Mistletoe Heights neighborhood via a pedestrian bridge. Connections at these two locations include paved trails, pedestrian bridges, a low-water crossing, retaining walls and on=street bike lanes with striping and signage. (Currently in final design stage.)


Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
2015 Warning Flashers

Warning flashers will be installed at various locations throughout the city. These flashers include school zone beacons, advance warning flashers and intersection flashers.

Locations for warning flashers include Castelberry High School, Briscoe Elementary and Dillow Elementary.

Construction Complete
Bicycle Wayfinding Signs

Approximately 100 bicycle wayfinding, safety and educational signs will be installed throughout the City to promote awareness of vehicles and bicycles sharing roadways.

Locations of signs will be in downtown, the near south side, TCU area, far north Fort Worth along Timberland and Tarrant Parkway, southeast Fort Worth along Maddox and Miller, south Fort Worth along Hulen, and east Fort Worth along Trinity Boulevard.

Construction Complete
COG Regional Contract Signal Timing

As part of the North Central Texas Council of Governments regional traffic signal retiming project, timing on 140 signals located in Fort Worth will be modified.

Construction Complete
East Allen/Maddox Bike Lanes

Bicycle infrastructure on East Allen/Maddox from I-35 to Cobb park will be installed. These improvements include bike lanes, routes, signals and other bicycle accommodations.

Construction Complete
East Lancaster Street Lights

Existing lighting will be upgraded to new LED fixtures on East Lancaster from Riverside Drive to Loop 820.

Construction Complete
East Lancaster Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals located on East Lancaster Street at the following intersections will be reconstructed: Riverside Drive, Beach Street, Oakland Boulevard.

Construction Complete
East Rosedale Street

This is Phase 2 of this project. East Rosedale from Miller Avenue to Stalcup Road will be reconstructed as a four-lane divided arterial street . Sidewalks, storm drains and streetlights are also included in the project.

East Rosedale Street Retrofit

East Rosedale will be retrofitted with pedestrian amenities that include sidewalks, crosswalks, benches, trash receptacles, trees, lighting and a pedestrian plaza.

Construction Complete
Hemphill / Berry Urban Village

Streetscape improvements will be constructed on Hemphill Street from Bowie to Devitt streets (excluding the intersection of Hemphill and East Berry). Improvements include new sidewalks, curb and gutter, colored, textured concrete, pedestrian lighting, benches, trash receptacles, landscaping, irrigation, pavement enhancements, and public art features.

This project is part of the revitalization effort for Hemphill / Berry Urban Village and the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.

Construction Complete
South Main Street

The project includes a new concrete roadway; wider sidewalks lined with trees and historic lamp posts; upgraded water, sewer and stormwater utilities; protected parallel parking for adjacent businesses; dedicated lanes for bicyclists; and distinctive sidewalk sculptures by renowned artist Benito Huerta.

UPPR Quite Zone Improvements along East Rosedale Cooridor

Railroad crossing improvements along the UPPR rail line and East Rosedale Cooridor will be made.

Locations include:

UPRR Crossing at South Ayers

UPRR at Miller Avenue

UPRR at South Hughes Avenue

UPRR Crossing at South Tierney Road

UPRR Crossing at Winnie Street

UPRR Crossing at South Handley Drive

Warning Flasher Maintenance & Upgrades

Warning flashers for Park Glen Elementary, Contreras Elementary, Kirkpatrick Elementary and Briscoe Elementary will receive maintenance and upgrades that include installing radar driver speed feedback technology.

Work will take place during the summer after the school session is completed.

Construction Complete
West Risinger Road

Risinger Road from Crowley Road (FM 731) to McCart Avenue will become a new four-lane arterial. A four-lane divided roadway will be constructed from 800 feet east of McCart Avenue to Crowley Road (FM 731). This construction will include a quiet-zone ready railroad crossing, streetlights and a 10-foot, shared-use path.


Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Central Meadowbrook Wastewater Improvements

Deteriorated wastewater lines located in the Meadowbrook and Handley areas will be replaced. Affected streets include Tierney Road, Weiler Boulevard and Cravens Road.

Design On Hold
Fairhaven & Central Meadowbrook Area Water and Wastewater Improvements

Deteriorated wastewater mains on the southeast side of Downtown Fort Worth will be replaced. These mains are at various locations bound on the west by Miller Avenue, on the south by Wilbarger Street, on the north by I-30, and on the east by Loop 820.

Design On Hold
Morningside Area Water & Wastewater Improvements

Construction equipment in a 14-plus block area that is mostly east of I-35W should be cleared out in the spring when the City of Fort Worth Water Department completes the Morningside Area Water & Wastewater Improvement project.

Water and/or wastewater lines are being replaced on Schieffer Avenue, East Mulkey Street, Colvin Avenue, East Devitt Street, East Cantey Street, and in an alley between Grove and Jones streets. The water and wastewater work is already complete on Schieffer, Colvin, East Devitt, and East Cantey.

North Tarrant Express Water & Wastewater Line Relocations

Fourteen pipe crossings for water and wastewater lines on I-35W, from Loop 820 to I-30, that are in conflict with the additional roadway lanes for the North Tarrant Express project will be relocated.

Purington Avenue & Mt. Vernon Water Utility Improvements

Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced on the following streets:

Purington Avenue from Tandy Avenue to North Ayers Avenue

Alley between Meadowbrook Drive and Purington Avenue from 200 feet west of Tandy Avenue to 200 feet west of Sanderson Avenue

Mr. Vernon Avenue from Sanderson Avenue to Lewis Avenue

Rolling Hills Water Plant Switchgear Improvements

The existing switchgear located at the Rolling Hills Water Treatment Plant’s high service pump station will be replaced. The related electrical, lighting and HVAC improvements will also be made.

These improvements will reduce operating and maintenance costs, and improve safety and energy efficiency.

Southeast Fort Worth Water & Wastewater Improvements

Water and/or wastewater lines are being replaced on the following streets:

Donalee Street from East Berry Street to Reed Street

Dorman Street from East Seminary Drive to Mansfield Highway

Dowdell Street from Grayson Street to Baylor Street

Hardeman Street from Erath Street to Martin Luther King Jr Freeway

Nolan Street from East Seminary Drive to Mansfield Highway

Shackleford Street from Martin Street to Moberly Street

South Edgewood Terrace from Eastland Street to Wilbarger Street

Vinetta Drive from Moberly Street to Pecos Street

After the utility work is completed, a temporary asphalt repair will be done until the street can be scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction by the Transportation & Public Works Department.

Sycamore Creek Wastewater Improvements

The large diameter wastewater lines located within Sycamore Golf Course will be rehabilitated.

Upper & Middle Village Creek Parallel Relief Main - Part 1

Approximately 11,300 linear feet of wastewater main will be installed and run parallel to an existing main to serve southeast Fort Worth and the wholesale customer cities of Burleson and Crowley. This is to meet current demands and future growth. The proposed main will begin north of Everman-Kennedale Road and east of Anglin Drive and will end south of Shelby Road, generally following the alignment of Village Creek.

Upper & Middle Village Creek Parallel Relief Main - Part 2

Approximately 28,000 linear feet of wastewater main will be installed to serve southeast Fort Worth and wholesale customers of Burleson and Crowley to meet demands and future growth. This main will begin south of Shelby Road and will end east of Southern Oaks and south of Burleson Retta Road.



Rolling & Walking Town Hall: 6 p.m. July 26, 2017; To Be Determined.

Walking Town hall: 10 a.m. Aug. 19, 2017; To Be Determined.

Bond Projects

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