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District 9 Capital Projects

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Dry Branch Regional Detention Basin

A detention basin will be constructed on previously acquired property north of Hollis Street, east of Blandin Avenue, west of North Chandler Drive West and south of East 28th Street. This basin will provide temporary storage for excess water runoff to help alleviate downstream flooding while minimizing impact to the existing creek bed.

An expanded basin will be constructed in a future phase if property is acquired on a voluntary basis and additional funding is appropriated.

Hammond Street Drainage Improvements

Storm drain pipes and inlets will be installed along Hammond Street between TimothyRoad and I-35W and along Timothy Road between Spurgeon Avenue and Timothy Road.

Westcliff Drainage Improvements

This project is a multi-phase project to reduce flooding in the Westcliff South drainage basin. The first phase includes installation of pipe inlets on Surrey Street from Suffolk Drive to Seminary Drive.

Future project phases will install large diameter pipes and storm drain inlets to the north and south of the first phase.


Municipal Court Improvements

Project Description Status
Public Safety and Municipal Court Building Renovations

This project will renovate the City’s Public Safety and Municipal Court Building. Design, construction, furnishing, and equipping the facility is planned. The facility will gain an additional courtroom, a jury deliberation room and a hearing room, as well as ADA improvements.


Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Fort Worth Zoo Improvements

A water line, wastewater service improvements, and drainage and erosion control improvements will be designed and constructed.

Heritage Plaza Restoration

To ensure a basic level of functional operation required to reopen the historic facility, the plaza will be restored. Restoration will address water, electrical and structural issues. Bond funds will be used for construction costs.

McLeland Tennis Center

Center improvements for accessibility(ADA) modifications and other facility improvements will be constructed.

Rosemont Park Improvements

This project will renovate and/or expand existing parking areas, additional security lighting, and construct an accessible group pavilion with ancillary amenities.

SW 121T Trinity Trails Clear Fork East Bank Extension

The Trinity Trails east bank will be extended for hike and bike trails with access to the Vickery Street Bridge.

Transportation Connections for Pedestrians and Bicycles to the Trinity River Trails

This project has five-locations and will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will add bicycle and pedestrian connections along Oakland Boulevard from Randol Mill Road to Rosedale Street, Westcreek Drive from I-20 to Kellis Park and at the River Park Trailhead. The connections include paved trails, sidewalks with ADA ramps at intersections, on-street bike lanes with striping and signage, and expanded parking facilities. (Construction to start October 2015.)

Phase 2 connection locations are from Quanah Parker Park to Handley-Ederville Road and on to Richland Hills TRE train station, and from the Forest Park Trinity River Trails to the Mistletoe Heights neighborhood via a pedestrian bridge. Connections at these two locations include paved trails, pedestrian bridges, a low-water crossing, retaining walls and on=street bike lanes with striping and signage. (Currently in final design stage.)

Trinity Park Road & Parking Improvements

Design and preparation of construction documents for road and parking improvements in Trinity Park.

Bid and Award
Victory Forest Community Center & Playground

A recreation center will be constructed and include a gym, two community rooms, control center, restrooms with shower, outdoor playground, and trails.

Construction On Hold

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
10th Street Sidewalk & Bike Lanes

This project will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will include sidewalk installation on the north side of 10th Street from Fournier Street to Forest Park and improvements to the pedestrian crossing at Forest Park and 10th Street that will provide a connection to the Trinity Trails.

Phase 2 of the project includes installation of a two-way cycle track for bikes from Penn Street to Forest Park.

Carroll Street Bike Lanes

Bicycle signage and striping improvements will be installed along Carroll Street from West 7th Street to White Settlement Road in order to accommodate bicycle travel and pedestrians.

Chisholm Trail Parkway Traffic Signal Improvements

Traffic signal improvements will be constructed at four intersections:

Forest Park Boulevard and IH-30

Montgomery Street and Vickery Boulevard

West Vickery Boulevard and Clover Lane

University Drive and Rosedale Street

FWWR Railroad Crossing Improvements

Railroad crossing surfaces will be repaired and/or replaced at the following locations:

FWWR and Will Rogers Road North

FWWR and Cockrell Avenue

FWRR and Bilglade Road

Bid and Award
Hemphill Lamar Connector

This project will construct the extension of Hemphill Street from Vickery Boulevard to Lancaster Avenue under the Union Pacific Railroad.

Henderson Street Improvements & Bridges

This project is part of the Trinity River Vision project. It includes design and construction of the three bridges that cross the new Trinity River By Pass Channel and the Fort Worth and Western Railroad at Henderson Street, North Main Street and White Settlement Road. Water, sewer and franchise utilities will also be relocated.

Live Oak Street Connector

Live Oak Street will be realigned from near the intersection of East 1st Street to connect to East 4th Street. the connection will provide unimpeded ingress and egress to the surrounding neighborhood.

Railroad Crossing Intersection Repairs

Repairs are being made to railroad crossing surfaces that tie into the roadway.

Locations include: Columbus Trail and the FWWR crossing Deen Road at the FWWR crossing Bolt Street at the FWWR crossing Page Avenue at BNSF crossing Westport Parkway at UPRR crossing Bell Spur and TRE crossing

Ramsey Street Closure

Safety improvements will be installed at railroad crossings near the Ramsey railroad crossing. These crossings included:

Ramsey Street at the UPRR crossing Capps Street at UPRR crossing Jessamine Street at UPRR crossing Page Avenue at UPRR crossing Morningside Street at UPRR crossing Shamblee Street at UPRR crossing East Butler at UPRR crossing

Installation of safety improvements will facilitate the closing of the Ramsey Street crossing.

Six Points Urban Village Streetscape

The Six Points area (Race Street from the Race/Belknap/Riverside Intersection to Sylvania Avenue) will have streetscape improvements constructed. Phase I improvements include wide sidewalks, reversed-angled parking, pedestrian lighting, bike lanes, landscaping, decorative pavement, street furniture and public art.

Six Points Urban Village Streetscape Improvements Phase II

This phase will begin after completion of phase I.

Phase II of the Six Points project will construct streetscape improvements from the Race Street Six Points Intersection to Oakhurst Scenic Drive.

South Central High Speed Corridor Quiet Zone

Upgrades at three railroad crossings in the South Central High-Speed Rail Corridor will be constructed. The crossings include West Seminary, West Butler and West Biddison at the railroad lines.

South Main Street

The project includes a new concrete roadway; wider sidewalks lined with trees and historic lamp posts; upgraded water, sewer and stormwater utilities; protected parallel parking for adjacent businesses; dedicated lanes for bicyclists; and distinctive sidewalk sculptures by renowned artist Benito Huerta.

TCU Area Bicycle Facilities

Bicycle pavement striping and signage improvements will be installed in the TCU / Westcliff area.


Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Bluebonnet Circle Infrastructure Improvements

Existing water and wastewater lines will be replaced and the street will be reconstructed on Bluebonnet Circle.

Colonial Area Wastewater & Water Improvements

The wastewater main that runs under Colonial Country Club Golf Course will be relocated under Mockingbird Lane and Colonial Parkway and the current wastewater lines will be abandoned. Existing water lines under Park Hill Boulevard will be replaced and the water line from Mockingbird Court to Simondale Drive and Lynncrest Drive will be relocated. To accommodate special events in the area, construction will be intermittent in order to avoid traffic issues.

Construction On Hold
Como Area Wastewater Improvements

Deteriorated wastewater lines located in alleys in the Arlington Heights and Como neighborhoods will be replaced.

Downtown Wastewater Improvements

Sanitary sewer lines in the central business district will be replaced.

Design On Hold
Edgecliff Village Wastewater Meter Station

A wastewater meter station will be constructed to provide improved readings of discharge by the town of Edgecliff Village.

Bid and Award
Hallmark-Camelot Highland Terrace Area Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer lines on the following streets / alley segments will be rehabilitated:

Old Hemphill Road from Valera Court to Altamesa Boulevard

Altamesa Boulevard from Old Hemphill Road to Sheridan Road

Sheridan Road from Avon Street to Sheridan Circle

Sheridan Road from Sheridan Circle to Highland Terrace South

Old Hemphill Road from Parkway Drive to Altamesa Boulevard

Highland Terrace from I-35 to Dupont Circle

Salem Court from I-35 to Berkshire Lane

Edgecliff Road from Kleinert Street to Melody Street

Cairn Circle from Edgecliff Road to Basil Avenue

James Avenue from Edgecliff Road to Old Crowley Road

Crowley Road from Topper Street to 150 feet north of McConnell Drive

I-20 eastbound frontage road from McConnell Drive to 130 feet west of Odel Drive

Wayside Avenue from I-20 to Southcrest Drive

Wellview Street from McCart Avenue to 650 feet north

I-35 frontage road from Altamesa Boulevard to 1100 feet south

Alley between California Parkway and Truelson Drive from Lenore Street to California Parkway South

Alley between I-20 and Grady Lee Street from Basil Avenue to 6th Avenue

Miscellaneous Wastewater Line Rehabilitation

Deteriorated sanitary sewer lines in the Colonial Hills, Park Hill, Factory Place and Ridglea neighborhoods will be replaced.

Bid and Award
Near Southside Water & Wastewater Improvements

Water and wastewater mains in the medical district, and the area west of IH-35W, east of 9th Avenue, north of Allen Avenue and south of Vickery Boulevard will be replaced.

North Hampton Street Water & Wastewater Improvements

Water and wastewater mains will be replaced on these streets:

North Hampton Street from Cold Springs Road to Pharr Street

Johnson Street from North Hampton Street to North Hays Street

North Hays Street from Johnson Street to Pharr Street

North Hampton Street from Pharr Street to East Peach Street

Only the water main will be replaced on North Hampton Street from East Peach Street to East Belknap Street

North Holly Sedimentation Basin Improvements

The existing vacuum sludge system operating on a track and pulley installed at the North Holly sedimentation basins will be replaced with a circular sludge scraper system for the removal of sludge.

On Hold
North Tarrant Express Water & Wastewater Line Relocations

Fourteen pipe crossings for water and wastewater lines on I-35W, from Loop 820 to I-30, that are in conflict with the additional roadway lanes for the North Tarrant Express project will be relocated.

Oakhurst Area Water & Sewer Improvements

Water and sewer lines are being replaced on the following streets:

Primrose Avenue From North Sylvania Ave. to North Riverside Dr.

Westbrook Ave. From North Sylvania Ave. to Blandin St.

North Retta St. From East Belknap St. to Race St.

Plumwood St. From North Retta St. to Blandin St.

Alley between Marigold Ave. and Primrose Ave. From Blandin St. to 750 feet west of Blandin St.

Alley between Primrose Ave. and Yucca Ave. From Blandin St. to 750 feet west of Blandin St.

Alley between Primrose Ave. and Yucca Ave. From Blandin St. to 230 feet east of Blandin St.

After the utility lines have been replaced, the streets will be repaved.

Ridglea Hills / Mistletoe Heights Area Water & Wastewater Line Replacements

Water and/or wastewater lines will be replaced on the following street segments:

Clayton Road West from Floyd Drive to Rowan Drive

Woodstock Road from Rowan Drive to Clayton Road West

Angus Drive from Chickering Road to Clayton Road West

Grace Avenue from Marshall Street to Race Street

Harrison Avenue from Jerome Street east to the dead end

West Morphy Street from Jerome Street east to the dead end

True Avenue from NW 16th Street to the dead end of Flagstone Drive

After the utility work is completed, a temporary asphalt repair will be done until the street can be scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction by the Transportation & Public Works Department.

Rosemont Area Sewer Improvements

Sewer lines on the following street / alley segments will be rehabilitated:

South Henderson from West Dickson Street to West Biddison Street

Lipscomb Street from West Dickson Street to West Biddison Street

Alley between Lipscomb Street and Travis Avenue from West Dickson Street to West Ripy Street

Alley between 5th Avenue and Baldwin Street from 150 feet north of West Ripy Street to 230 feet south of West Butler Street

Alley between 8th Avenue and Ryan Avenue from West Ripy Street to West Butler Street

Alley between West Waggoman Street and West Pafford Street from 250 feet west of College Avenue to 150 feet east to Travis Avenue

Alley between West Pafford Street and West Fogg Street from Lipscomb Street to 200 feet east of Travis Avenue

Alley between West Pafford Street and West Fogg Street from South Henderson Street to College Avenue

Alley between South Main Street and Bryan Avenue from East Ripy Street to East Pafford Street

Alley between Bryan Avenue and Stuart Drive from 200 feet south of East Ripy Street to East Pafford Street

Alley between Stuart Drive and South Jones Street from East Butler Street to East Dickson Street

Alley between May Street and St. Louis Avenue from West Dickson Street to West Pafford Street

Alley between Willing Avenue and 6th Avenue from West Ripy Street to 250 feet south of West Butler Street

Alley between Pafford Street and Fogg Street from May Street to South Jones Street

Alley between Fogg Street and East Dew Street from May Street to Bryan Avenue

Alley between St. Louis Avenue and South Main Street from West Dickson Street to Pafford Street

South Wayside Area Sewer Improvements

Sewer lines on the following streets / alley segments will be rehabilitated:

La Brisas Street from 80 feet east of Las Brisas Street/Alamosa Street intersection to 230 Feet west

Glacier Street from Thornhill Drive to Spurgeon Street

Vermont Avenue from Thornhill Drive to Spurgeon Street

Alley between West Bolt Street and Malta Avenue from Travis Avenue to 300 feet east

Alley between West Malta Avenue and Flint Street from Travis Avenue to 300 feet east

Alley between West Anthony Street and West Seminary Drive from College Avenue to 650 east

Alley between St. Louis Avenue and South Main Street from Berry Street to Devitt Street

Alley between South Main Street and Bryan Avenue from East Bewick Street to 352 feet south

Alley between Bryan Avenue and Stuart Drive from East Bewick Street to 377 feet south

Alley between Hemphill Street and Union Pacific Railroad from 200 feet east and 200 feet north of Hemphill Street/Fogg Street intersection to 1460 feet south

Upper Clear Fork Wastewater Improvements

The large diameter wastewater mains located within Trinity Park, along University Drive to I-30 and within the Union Pacific railroad, will be rehabilitated.

Design On Hold
Vintage Riverside Water Improvements

Lead service lines have been found that serve some homes on Dell Street, Lillian Street, Virginia Court, and McLemore Avenue. The city will replace the entire water line - within the parameters listed below - as well as all city-owned service lines. The streets will be reconstructed.

Dell Street from North Sylvania Avenue to the west dead-end

Lillian Street from North Sylvania Avenue to the west dead-end

Virginia Court from North Sylvania Avenue to Blandin Street

McLemore Avenue from North Sylvania Avenue to Blandin Street

The water line on the following street will be replaced. There are no lead service lines on this street. The street will be resurfaced.

Ennis Avenue from North Sylvania Avenue to South Retta Street

Water & Wastewater Improvements - Various Areas

Wastewater lines will be replaced in these areas:

Halbert Street at Normandy Drive

Morrison Drive from John T White Road to I-30

Dove Drive from Kuban Boulevard to John T White Road

Perimeter of Stonegate Mobile Home Park

Design On Hold
Westcliff & South Hills Water & Wastewater Improvements

Wastewater lines located on either side of Granbury Road, just south of the TCU campus, will be replaced.

Design On Hold

Project News


Walking Town Hall: 10 a.m. July 29, 2017; To Be Determined.

Bluebonnet Circle Infrastructure Improvements Project Meeting: 6:30 p.m. June 27, 2017; Trinity Episcopal Church, 3401 Bellaire Drive South.

Bond Projects

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