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Drainage Improvements

Arundel Storm Drain Improvements

A new storm drain will be installed on Arundel, Encanto and Bellaire Circle. Additional inlets will be installed on Arundel and Bellaire Circle. A new outfall in the channel will also be constructed. As part of this project, water and wastewater improvements will be made on Arundel. Council District: District 3. Learn more »

Bellaire Park Court Drainage Improvements

This project includes the design of a detention pond overflow structure, storm drain improvements on Bellaire Park Court, and storm drain improvements along Bellaire Drive South from Bellaire Park Court to the Howard’s Branch outfall, approximately 200 feet west of Overton Park Drive East. The project is a joint effort with the Water Department's water and sanitary sewer line replacement project. Council District: District 3. Learn more »

Burchill Channel Improvements

The culvert crossing on McKenzie Avenue will be replaced with multiple box culverts. A retaining wall, vehicle access to the channel and downstream / upstream improvements will also be made. Council District: District 5. Learn more »

Central Arlington Heights Drainage, Water/Sewer and Street Improvements

This project will include improvements to drainage and water/sanitary sewer infrastructure as well as street reconstruction. Drainage improvements include installation of multiple box culverts for under street detention and a surface detention pond located southeast of the Hulen and Bryce intersection. Deteriorated water and sanitary sewer mains on Western Avenue, Bryce Avenue and adjacent alleys will be replaced. After this work is completed, the streets will be reconstructed with concrete and include sidewalks and driveway aprons. Improvements are located on Western Avenue from El Campo Avenue to Bryce Avenue and on Bryce Avenue from Western Avenue to Hulen Street. Council District: District 7. Learn more »

Dry Branch Regional Detention Basin

A detention basin will be constructed on previously acquired property north of Hollis Street, east of Blandin Avenue, west of North Chandler Drive West and south of East 28th Street. This basin will provide temporary storage for excess water runoff to help alleviate downstream flooding while minimizing impact to the existing creek bed. An expanded basin will be constructed in a future phase if property is acquired on a voluntary basis and additional funding is appropriated. Council District: District 9. Learn more »

Eastern Hills Drainage Improvements

This multi-phased project will address flooding in the Eastern Hills neighborhood in East Fort Worth. Phase 1: A channel and multi-use detention basin / practice field for regional detention of stormwater was constructed in 2013. Phase 2: Storm drain inlets were installed on Weiler Boulevard and Danciger Road. A spillway was constructed in an existing pond, and a channel was reconstructed downstream. This phase was completed during the Summer 2016. Phase 3: Design is underway to install storm drains and inlets on Monterrey Drive, Yosemite Drive and a portion of Jacqueline Road. Council District: District 4. Learn more »

Floodplain Management Plan

The City of Fort Worth is working on a Floodplain Management Plan for the entire city. This will be the first part of a growing public planning and interaction program being led by the Stormwater Management Division. Council District: . Learn more »

Forest Park - Berry - Central Arlington Heights Drainage

The city is in the process of planning improvements to the storm drain system to reduce flooding risk in Central Arlington Heights and TCU-area communities. Council District: . Learn more »

Greenfield Acres Drainage Improvements

An underground storm drain system will be constructed on Cindy Lane, from Ten Mile Bridge to North Ridge Road, and on East North Hill Lane. The existing storm drain on the west end of South Ridge Road will be upsized and a new storm drain with two detention ponds will be constructed on the east end of South Ridge Road. A water line will be installed on Cindy Lane, and the existing sanitary sewer line will be replaced along Cindy Lane and South Ridge Road. After construction is complete, Cindy Lane will be repaved. Council District: District 2. Learn more »

Hammond Street Drainage Improvements

Storm drain pipes and inlets will be installed along Hammond Street between TimothyRoad and I-35W and along Timothy Road between Spurgeon Avenue and Timothy Road. Council District: District 9. Learn more »

Lebow Channel Roadway Crossing Replacement

Upsizing of existing culverts at NE 28th Street, Brennan Avenue and Dewey Avenue will occur and a new bridge with culvert structures will be constructed in preparation for future improvements in the Lebow stormwater basin. Council District: District 2. Learn more »

Lower Como Creek Erosion Control Improvements

Residences along Como Creek below Lake Como are experiencing severe erosion issues. Severely eroded creek banks will be protected with structural (concrete) and non-structural measures like articulating concrete block and turf reinforcing mats. For additional slope stability, the creek banks will be revegetated with plants and grasses that thrive in the shade. Council District: District 3. Learn more »

Mercado Channel Improvements

Excess rain causes flooding of properties along the Mercado channel, and water over-tops the roadway at 21st and 22nd streets. Erosion is also occurring within the channel. After channel capacity was analyzed, improvements were recommended. These improvements include increasing the size of the channel downstream of 21st Street and construction of retaining walls at various locations along the channel to stabilize the banks. Council District: District 2. Learn more »

Mesa Verde Trail

A storm drain will be installed on Mesa Verde Trail from Mesa Verde Court to Basswood Boulevard and along the south side of Basswood Boulevard west of Mesa Verde. Project #1068. Council District: District 4. Learn more »

Oakwood Trail Storm Drain Extension

The eroding ditch located behind the Oakwood Trail Townhomes will be replaced with a storm drain. Council District: District 4. Learn more »

Trinity Boulevard Bridge & Drainage Improvements

Existing culverts located at Trinity Boulevard between South Norwood Street and Bell Helicopter Spur are being replaced with a 4-lane bridge to improve drainage capacity and roadway safety. The roadway surface will be raised approximately 3-feet and the channel flow line lowered 4 ½-feet. Council District: District 5. Learn more »

Verna Trail / Paint Pony Trail Drainage Improvements

Existing roadside ditches in seven locations along Verna Trail, Paint Pony Trail and Pack Saddle Trail will be upgraded to an underground storm drain system that includes roadside drop inlets and retaining walls. Minor waterline improvements will be made in various locations and include addition fire hydrants. Council District: District 3. Learn more »

Westcliff Drainage Improvements

This project is a multi-phase project to reduce flooding in the Westcliff North and Westcliff South drainage basins. The first phase includes installation of pipe and inlets on Surrey Street from Suffolk Drive to Seminary Drive. Future project phases will install large diameter pipes and storm drain inlets to the north and south of the phase 1. Council District: District 3, District 9. Learn more »

Bond Projects

Visit the bond website to learn more about projects selected as part of the 2014 bond program.