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Drainage Improvements

Central Arlington Heights Property Acquisition & Drainage Improvements

Update on the voluntary property acquisition project to acquire flood-prone properties on Western and Carleton between Bryce and El Campo: In the June 18, 2019 City Council meeting, recommendations presented... Council District: District 7. Learn more »

Floodplain Management Plan

The City of Fort Worth is working on a Floodplain Management Plan for the entire city. This will be the first part of a growing public planning and interaction program... Council District: . Learn more »

Forest Park - Berry - Central Arlington Heights Drainage

The city is in the process of planning improvements to the storm drain system to reduce flooding risk in Central Arlington Heights and TCU-area communities. Council District: . Learn more »

Greenfield Acres Drainage Improvements

An underground storm drain system will be constructed on Cindy Lane, from Ten Mile Bridge to North Ridge Road, and on East North Hill Lane. The existing storm drain on... Council District: District 2. Learn more »

Hammond Street Drainage Improvements

Storm drain pipes and inlets will be installed along Hammond Street between TimothyRoad and I-35W and along Timothy Road between Spurgeon Avenue and Timothy Road. Council District: District 9. Learn more »

Keller Haslet Culvert Improvements

The City of Fort Worth will be removing the undersized culverts under Keller Haslet Road and constructing new, larger culverts. Construction will include relocation of a waterline and reconstruction of... Council District: District 7. Learn more »

Loving Avenue Channel and Culvert Improvements

Undersized culverts will be removed and new larger culverts constructed. Channel improvements will also be done. Council District: District 2. Learn more »

Salem Court Drainage Improvements

Salem Court drainage Improvements will capture additional stormwater runoff which collects on Berkshire Lane. Two additional inlets on Berkshire Lane are being constructed, and they will connect to a new... Council District: District 8. Learn more »

Westcliff Drainage Improvements

This project is a multi-phase project to reduce flooding in the Westcliff South drainage basin. The first phase includes installation of pipe inlets on Surrey Street from Suffolk Drive to... Council District: District 3, District 9. Learn more »