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Record Cost and Billing

The city's charges for public information are set by the Texas Attorney General's Office and are found at 1 Texas Administrative Code §§ 70.1-.12.

The requestor must respond to any written estimate of charges within 10 days of the date the city sent it or the request is considered automatically withdrawn.

If estimated costs exceed $100 the city may require a bond, prepayment or deposit.

Make a timely payment for all mutually agreed charges. The city can demand payment of overdue balances exceeding $100 or obtain a security deposit before processing additional requests from you.

1. Standard paper copy up to 8½” x 14” @ $ .10 per page
2. Nonstandard copy
(A) Diskette @ $1.00 each
(B) Magnetic Tape Actual Cost
(C) Data Cartridge Actual Cost
(D) Tape Cartridge Actual Cost
(E) VHS Video Cassette @ $ 2.50 each
(F) Audio Cassette @ $ 1.00 each
(G) Paper 11" x 17" @ $ .50 each
(H) Mylar Actual Cost
(I) Blueline/Blueprint Paper Actual Cost
(J) DVD @ $ 3.00 each
(K) CD-R or CD-RW @ $ 1.00 each
3. Personnel charge
(A) Programming Personnel @ $28.50 per hour
(B) Other Personnel @ $15.00 per hour
4. Overhead charge 20% of personnel charge
5. Micro Fiche/Film Actual Cost
6. Remote document retrieval charge Actual Cost
7. Computer resource charge
(A) Mainframe @ $10.00 per minute
(B) Midsize @ $ 1.50 per minute
(C) Client/Server @ $ 2.20 per hour
(D) PC or LAN @ $ 1.00 per hour
8. Miscellaneous supplies Actual Cost
9. Postage & shipping charge Actual Cost
10. Photographs Actual Cost
11. Fax charge
(A) Local @ $ .10 per page
(B) Long distance, same area code @ $ .50 per page
(C) Long distance, different area code @ $1.00 per page
12. Other costs Actual cost

NOTE: Sales tax is not applicable on public records.


Be advised that there may be a charge for requested information. View a list of price guidelines.

Contact Information

For more information about submitting public information requests, contact the Public Information Coordinator at (817) 392-8184.

Visit the Records & Information Management page for more information on contacts and components of the City of Fort Worth records management program.