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Recovery Program

The City of Fort Worth is working to provide immediate funding for projects that will boost our economy, provide needed services and put more people to work through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) programs. For more information on other ARRA programs, visit one of the following websites.

Below is a summary of the City's ARRA programs:

Bid Opportunities

To bid on Recovery Program projects or other city projects, visit the Purchasing page.

About ARRA

On Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama signed the ARRA into law, opening up funds for investment in many programs, including infrastructure, public safety, housing, energy conservation and education.

Award Amount Report
Totals $47,034,251.00
Alternative Fueled Vehicle Program
Provides funding to install needed controls for dispensing 85% ethanol fuel to 285 city vehicles.
Equipment Services Department
$35,147.00 MAR 2011
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-R)
Funds provide for infrastructure in low to moderate income areas. (Program 206377)
Download Substantial Amendment Materials and Activity Data
Phase 1 Street Projects
Housing and Economic Development Department
$1,769,412.00 DEC
Community Services Block Grant - R
Funds employment-related services such as job training; provides supports for individuals pursuing such training including housing-related assistance, and educational expenses directly related to employment.
(Program 200385)
Parks and Community Services Department
$2,214,992.00 SEP
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (State)
Funds equipment to enhance Police Department technology in geographical profiling, sex offender registration and auto theft investigations. (Program 202410)
Police Department
$168,338.00 DEC
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Federal)
City of Fort Worth administers this grant for 22 Tarrant County governmental entities. The City's portion is $1,723,086, and funds the purchase of equipment such as hand-held ticket writing equipment. (Program 423365)
Police Department
$4,140,165.00 JUN
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
Implements strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions and reduce energy use in transportation, building design, and other appropriate sectors. (Program 484371)
Transportation and Public Works, Environmental Management, Planning & Development and Water Department
$6,738,300.00 DEC
Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
Provides funding for housing expenses to persons who are homeless or would be homeless if not for this assistance. (Program 206359)
Download Substantial Amendment Materials and Activity Data
Housing and Economic Development Department
$2,746,929.00 SEP
Safe Drinking Water - Green Infrastructure State Revolving Loan
Provides a no interest loan to fund construction of a distribution line for delivery of reclaimed water processed by the Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. (Program P256)
Water Department
$16,265,000.00 MAR 2012 
Weatherization Assistance Program Grant
Funds weatherization-related improvements for owner-occupied homes in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Eligibility requirements include household income at or below 200% of federal poverty. (Programs 200383 and 200384)
Housing and Economic Development Department

Program 1

Program 2


JUN 2011 
Violence Against Women Act Grant
Funds planning process for a county-side Family Advocacy Center to provide comprehensive service to women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. (Program 202443)
$60,510.00 MAR 2011

All reports are cumulative.

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