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Rental Property

The City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Division includes the Multi-Family Inspection Section. This group is tasked with ensuring landlords provide suitable, safe and sanitary conditions to families living in multi-family communities throughout the city.

This group also ensures that tenants are provided information on the responsibility and rights of being residents of a multi-family dwelling community. Through these actions the Multi-Family Inspection Section assists in providing a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for both the landlords and tenants to work and live.

TCU Overlay District

The TCU Overlay District seeks to protect existing single-family residential neighborhoods by setting an occupancy limit of three unrelated persons in single family zoning districts within the overlay.

To report potential occupancy violations inside or outside of the overlay district, download the Occupancy Violation Investigation form.

Tenant Assistance

The Fort Worth Human Relations Unit can help you get answers to questions about:

  • Repairs - Repair and Deduct Remedy
  • The Eviction Process
  • Refunds of Security Deposits
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Lockouts and Landlord Liens
  • Notice of Non-Renewal
  • Terminating Tenancy
  • Retaliatory Actions, Evictions and Discrimination
  • Accommodation and Modifications Requests for persons with disabilities.

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