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Fort Worth Roundabouts

  • Roundabouts reduce delay
  • Roundabouts are environmentally friendly
  • Roundabouts are safer than intersections
  • Roundabouts cost less than signals

Fort Worth is entering the modern roundabout era...

The Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department is leading the implementation of modern roundabouts in the city. In the next few months, modern roundabout projects will be opening, with more projects set to begin construction soon.

Roundabout safety

Roundabouts are the safest type of at-grade intersection. They create slower speeds, fewer conflict points for pedestrians and motorists, and reduced collision angles compared to stop sign or traffic signal control. A national study of intersections converted to modern roundabouts had the following significant findings:

  • A reduction in collisions of all types of 40 percent.
  • A reduction in injury collisions of 75 percent.
  • A reduction in fatal and incapacitating collisions of about 90 percent.

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