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2013 SmartWater Award Winners

The Fort Worth Water Department annually recognizes industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) customers for achieving measurable water reductions in their operations. These 2013 recipients have set themselves apart by taking proactive measures to demonstrate their commitment as a green leader in sustainability and water efficiency.

Burnett Plaza (Tier Reit)

Burnett Plaza reduced their water consumption by retrofitting 118 toilets, 75 urinals and 336 faucet aerators to more efficient low flow versions.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 2,368,980 gallons of water

Country Inn & Suites

Country Inn & Suites upgraded their on-site laundry facilities by installing “on demand” hot water. This upgrade also yields significant energy savings.

Annual Projected Savings: 17,192 gallons of water

Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD)

FWISD’s savings were realized through retrofits of 200 urinals at four high schools and enhanced irrigation system upgrades at Clark Soccer Field.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 35,215,092 gallons of water

Mallick Tower, Inc. (Holt Lunsford)

Mallick Tower achieved their water savings through retrofits of 50 faucet aerators and 35 toilet flush valves to more efficient models. Additionally, they significantly reduced their building heat load yielding additional average annual savings of 32,560 gallons.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 256,993 gallons of water

Overton Green (Holt Lunsford)

Overton Green reduced their water usage through fixture retrofits, irrigation system adjustments and cooling tower replacement. Specifically, they retrofitted 43 urinals, 12 toilets, 89 faucet aerators and six showerheads to more efficient models. To enhance irrigation, they added cycle and soak options to their two controllers, and enhanced cooling tower usage by replacing an older 1,150 ton wooden cooling tower with a more efficient Composite FRP Structure/PVC Fill model.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 4,558,537 gallons of water

Tarrant County College (Second Year Recipient)

Tarrant County College has continued enhancing their efficiencies across campuses. On one campus they converted spray heads to drip irrigation, increasing efficiency for 60% of their color beds. Controllers and programming were adjusted at another campus to improve irrigation efficiency. They also retrofitted 147 toilets and 62 urinals to more efficient models and replaced an outdated cooling tower control system.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 13,439,919 gallons of water

U. S. General Services Administration (D/FW Service Center)

The General Services Administration implemented irrigation modifications, upgraded equipment and took steps to improve current efficiencies. Specifically they installed drip irrigation in several beds and planted low-water use plants, incorporated tree bags to enhance tree watering and implemented advanced leak detection equipment to capture real-time consumption issues or variances. Additionally, they implemented an aggressive approach to their facilities maintenance program to prevent and better control repairs and premature failing, thus reducing water loss.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 3,480,000 gallons of water

University of North Texas Health Science Center

The UNT Health Science Center achieved their savings through a cooling tower recycling and reuse project. Installation of an Air Handler Unit Catch Tank and Pumping System allowed collection and reuse of condensate from the cooling towers. This lowers the need for makeup water and reduces the amount of water poured down the drain.

Total Annual Projected Savings: 1,653,500 gallons of water


Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones. Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions.



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