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Twice a Week Watering now Permanent

Effective April 8, Fort Worth's Conservation Ordinance now includes permanent, year-round no more than twice a week irrigation watering.  Designated watering days are the same as those under Stage 1 Restrictions. No watering 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is always in effect.

Customers can still water any time or any day by hand, drip irrigation or soaker hoses. View the ordinance.

Water Smart this Summer

Efficient irrigation is always important, especially in the hot summer months when outdoor watering increases up to 40 percent. Sign up for a free system check-up to be sure your system is watering smart. Online: Residential; Commercial or call 817.392.8740.

Think Natives 2014 Smartscape EMag

Plants that are native or adapted to the North Texas area can not only survive, but thrive in our hot Texas summers.  Check out our e-magazine, which uniquely highlights a few of the many Texas Smartscape plants. 

Take in this fresh look at plants as you learn their story.  Click to view>>. Visit for more plants, trees, and vines.

Save Fort Worth Water Home | Water Department | City of Fort Worth