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Irrigation Plan and As-Built Design

Minimum Standards (Section 35-162)

  1. An Irrigator shall prepare an Irrigation Plan as described in subsection (d), for each site prior to installation or Alteration of an Irrigation System. An easily available paper or electronic copy of the Irrigation Plan must be on site at all times during such installation of the Irrigation System.
  2. During the installation or Alteration of the Irrigation System, variances from the original plan are allowable if noted in red on the Irrigation Plan, and provided that the change(s) does not:
  3. Diminish the operational integrity of the Irrigation System; nor
  4. Violate any requirement of this Article VII.

  5. The Irrigation Plan must include complete coverage of the area to be irrigated. If a system does not provide complete coverage of the area to be irrigated, it must be noted on the Irrigation Plan.
  6. All Irrigation Plans must be drawn to scale. The plan shall include the following information:
  7. The Irrigator’s seal, signature, and date of signing;
  8. All major physical features and the boundaries of the areas to be watered;
  9. A North arrow;
  10. A legend;
  11. The Zone Flow measurement for each Zone;
  12. Location and type each Automatic Controller and sensor (such as rain, moisture, wind, flow, or freeze sensors);
  13. Location, type, and size of each: 1. Water source, such as, but not limited to a water meter and point(s) of connection; 2. Backflow Prevention Assembly; 3. Water emission device, including, but not limited to, spray heads, rotary sprinkler heads, quick-couplers, bubblers, drip, or micro-sprays; 4. Valve, including but not limited to, Zone valves, master valves, and isolation valves; 5. Pressure regulation component; and 6. Main line and lateral piping. 7. The scale used;

  14. The Design Pressure

  15. An Irrigator commits an offense if the Irrigator fails to provide an Irrigation Plan for the irrigation system that person installed or caused to be installed as required herein.


Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones. Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions.



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