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SmartFlush CARE FAQ's

Who qualifies for this program?
This program is for senior citizens aged 70 and over, and customers who meet 175 percent of the federal criteria for low-income households.

What is a retrofit?
It is a replacement of current high flow fixtures with new high-efficiency fixtures.

If I have a low flow toilet that doesn’t work, can I qualify?
No. This is a conservation driven program that replaces high flow fixtures. Existing low-flow toilets do not qualify for replacement.

How can I tell how much water my toilet uses?
To see how much water your toilet uses, look for a date or number imprinted in the porcelain. It’ll be under the tank lid, inside tank wall or near the toilet seat hinge. The date is the year it was produced and the number, if followed by L, represents liters of water used with each flush. Based on the year, the toilet uses the following gallons of water per flush (gpf):

  • Before 1985: 5 to 7 gpf; 18.93 - 26.5 liters
  • 1985-1994: 3.5 gpf; 13.25 liters
  • After 1994: 1.6 gpf

Is this program really free, or will there be a charge on my water bill?
This is a FREE service for Fort Worth qualifying customers, with absolutely no charge.

Is it possible to get an ADA or handicap toilet?
Yes. Requests for ADA toilets require doctor’s authorization or proof of disability status (i.e. disability statement, vehicle hang-tag, license plate, etc.)

Who does the installation?
Installations are performed by a selected plumbing contractor. They will contact you to set up a day and time for your installation.

What happens if I am not home when they call for an appointment?
The contractor will make several attempts to contact you. If they are still unable to reach you after several attempts, you will be placed in pending status.

How long will it take to get the new toilet?
You can expect to be contacted by a plumber within 6-8 weeks after approval.

How do I apply?
There are two separate application processes. If you qualify based on age, you can submit the CARE application, which is available online, at area libraries and at all Water Department pay locations.

If you qualify based on income, contact Parks and Community Services’ Community Action Parnters (CAP) at 817-392-5790. Income applicants can not submit an application but must be qualified through CAP.

If I have questions or concerns after the toilet is installed, who do I call?
Please contact the Water Conservation Office at 817-392-8740.


Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones. Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions.



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