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Commercial SmartFlush FAQs

What kind of toilets are distributed through the program?

All toilets are dual-flush high efficiency models, using 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf). They are residential tank style toilets available in round, elongated and ADA. Elongated and ADA toilets will be distributed to replace existing models of the same style only. At the present time we are not providing industrial flush valve toilets.

What are the color choices?

Toilets are only available in white.

Are these quality toilets?

Yes, toilets provided through this program are WaterSense approved. This means they have gone through rigorous lab testing for efficiency and performance and must meet a minimum standard to be certified.

Who pays for the installation?

Installation is the responsibility of the property receiving the toilets. Properties are asked to install toilets within 60 days.

Does this toilet clog easily?

One of the great features about this toilet is that it has a 4” trap compared to the standard 2.25” trap of most toilets. This virtually eliminates blockages and clogs, while significantly reducing your maintenance.

What are the qualifications for the program?

  • Be a Fort Worth water customer
  • Property must have been built prior to 1994
  • Property must have existing high flow toilets over 3 gallons per flush (gpf). Retrofitted toilets that are 1.6 gpf do not qualify for replacement.

How can I get an application?

You can download an application online or you can apply online at and click on Business.

Can I email an application?

Applications can be SCANNED and then emailed to This ensures a signature of agreement. You can also apply online, certifying upon submittal that you agree to the terms and conditions of this program.


What is the process?

  • If you meet the qualifications above, Water Conservation staff will schedule a preliminary site inspection.
  • If approved and you have requested less than 10 toilets, you will be mailed a voucher to pick up the toilets from the supplier.
  • If you request more than 10 toilets, we will work with you to deliver the toilets in incremental allotments. Once the first allotment is installed, the next allotment will be delivered.
  • It is requested that toilets be installed within 60 days. Once allotments are completed, a follow-up inspection will be conducted by Water staff.

How long will it take after I submit my application to find out if I am approved?

Depending on the number of applications being processed and the completeness of your application, you should receive a response within two weeks.

After the allotted number of toilets for this year are gone, will you maintain a waiting list for the following year?

Yes, we will maintain a waiting list. Once funds are exhausted for this fiscal year, those on the list will be filled in order of request.

Why is a site visit required?

A site visit is a way to verify and track the type and volume of toilets currently installed on your property. The follow-up inspection to to ensure toilets were installed per the terms of this partnership. It is a check and balance walk-through of random locations.

What is the warranty?

Ten year manufacturer’s warranty. The City of Fort Worth assumes no responsibility for defects or performance problems.



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