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Recycle Right for the Holidays

The holidays are a great opportunity to recycle more. Let's face it, recycling helps preserve the longevity of our landfill and gives a second life to items made from plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum.

The City of Fort Worth makes it easy to recycle with curbside collection as well as providing four drop-off stations for larger items, donations and household hazardous waste.

Bag it for the brown garbage cart

  • ornamentBroken ornaments
  • foil wrappingAll wrapping paper
  • bubble wrapBubble Wrap
  • bowsBows and ribbon

Toss it in the blue recycling cart

  • EnvelopesGreeting cards
  • CardboardCardboard boxes (flattened)
  • tagPaper gift tags

Place out for bulk collection

artificial tree

Artificial Christmas trees.

Place out for yard collection


Live or flocked Christmas trees

Take to a drop-off station

  • Large cardboard boxes that do not fit in your recycle cart
  • Batteries
  • Outdoor or indoor lights
  • Electronics
  • Bicycles
  • Donations (clothes, furniture, working appliances and miscellaneous household items such as toys and board games, plates, glasses, mugs and flatware)