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Fort Worth Stormwater Management

As redevelopment on Fort Worth's near southside continues, the city is examining the area watersheds to determine what flood risks are and to find cost-effective ways to reduce those risks.

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The near southside study area extends to Evans Avenue to the east, Allen Avenue to the south, the Fort Worth and Western Railroad (FWWR) to the west and Interstate 30 to the north. View the map »

The plan will determine the frequency and magnitude of flooding in the near southside area and identify regional strategies to mitigate flooding, while considering connectivity with the surrounding area, partnership opportunities, and compatibility with plans by others. In particular, the plan hopes to identify regional stormwater detention areas that reduce the continued damages from flooding while promoting redevelopment.

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About the Plan

Expected Completion
Fall 2016

Create a master plan to reduce the existing flooding problem and make redevelopment in the area more efficient.

Flood Hazard

Download maps from the Southside planning effort showing the five-year and 100-year storm event flood hazard. The five-year event has a 20 percent chance of occurring in any given year, while the 100-year event has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year.


Winter 2015
Stakeholder Meeting No. 3 – Present alternatives analysis results and draft concept maps and obtain feedback. View notes from the meeting and the meeting presentation.

Fall 2016
Final report submitted


Jennifer Dyke
Senior Planner
Transportation & Public Works