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Fort Worth Stockyards

Stockyards Overlay District

The Historic Stockyards Design District Task Force has developed a draft design overlay for the Stockyards that includes:

  • A design district boundary
  • Building height requirements
  • Building setback requirements
  • Landscaping regulations
  • Architectural regulations

The task force began meeting in December 2014 and held a series of workshops and public meetings.

On September 23, 2015, the task force recommended adoption of the Stockyards Design Overlay document, which includes regulation of height, setback, landscaping, and architectural regulations. This design overlay will serve as interim development regulations until the completion of a form based code.

The City Council approved the Stockyards Design Overlay District Guidelines on Feb. 2, 2016, meeting. If adopted, the design overlay will provide interim design regulations while a form-based code is written for the area.

Form-based Code

Form-based code adds more protection to the stockyards and will add additional standards and guidelines on top of what is already required.

The proposed design overlay district will build on the existing PD/MU-2 zoning, and introduce new standards and guidelines to ensure that future developments in the greater Stockyards area blend with their historic counterparts.


A Request for Qualifications for a consultant team has been made to prepare a form-based code and historic district and standards and guidelines.

March–September Consultant team will prepare standards and guidelines for the historic district and the form-based code district in consultation with property owners and stakeholders.

Construction review in the design district

Properties within the PD/MU-2 zoning, but outside the proposed historic district

Type of change Who reviews the change
New Construction
  1. Urban Design Commission
  2. Zoning Commission
  3. City Council
Alterations that do not require a waiver Staff Review
Alterations that require a waiver Urban Design Commission (appeals are reviewed by City Council)

Properties within the design overlay district, but outside the PD/MU-2 zoning or historic district

Type of change Who reviews the change
Waivers to design standards Urban Design Commission (appeals are reviewed by City Council)
No waiver needed Staff Review