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Rethinking Waste: A Greener Fort Worth

The City of Fort Worth is undertaking one of the largest green initiatives yet with the development of a comprehensive solid waste management plan.

View the proposed plan

The proposed Comprehensive Solid Waste Master Plan will be presented to City Council Aug. 29, 2017. The documents are available for public review below.

The plan will serve as a blueprint for how waste is handled and managed in Cowtown for the next 20 years. The previous plan – created in 1995 – addressed a number of issues, including ensuring adequate landfill space. This time around, the city is looking to involve all residents of Fort Worth to answer tougher questions:

  • What is waste, and what part of waste is a resource?
  • Which resources can we recapture for value, and what’s the best way to do that?
  • What behaviors are Fort Worth residents and businesses willing to adopt to make a greener city?

Watch this page and City News for opportunities to give your input on the plan.

Just the facts

Fort Worth is growing

  • It’s grown by 50 percent over the last 20 years.
  • Residential waste only comprises about one third of all of the waste generated within the city.
  • Industrial, commercial and institutional waste comprises the remaining two-thirds.

Making progress

The city’s goal is to divert 40 percent of residential waste away from the landfill through recycling and other programs.


  • Evaluate and address all waste produced within the City not just the residential waste.
  • Consider emerging technologies and sustainable practices in managing our solid waste as both practices and technologies have changed significantly since 1995.
  • Determine if the city has the best available technology in place.
  • Move beyond traditional waste management programs and find the best material management solutions for the city’s future.


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