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Rethinking Waste: A Greener Fort Worth

With the approval of the 2017 – 2037 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (CSWMP), the City of Fort Worth has undertaken one of it’s largest green initiatives to-date, setting our community on a 20-year journey towards making Fort Worth a greener, and increasingly better place to live.

The 2017 – 2037 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan was developed to serve as a roadmap for how waste is to be handled and managed in Cowtown in the next 20 years. The Plan is:

  • Comprehensive. It covers the totality of the municipal solid waste, instead of being limited to one of it’s sectors.
  • Systematic rather than being an atomized approach to solid waste management
  • Synergetic, identifying and recommending mutually-helpful initiatives with other city departments and outside agencies that benefit all, and promote the common good. Advancing those potential intra and inter-agency collaborations will bring to fruition the full benefits of the CSWMP to the city.

Just the facts

Fort Worth is growing

  • It’s grown by 50 percent over the last 20 years.
  • Residential waste only comprises about one third of all of the waste generated within the city.
  • Industrial, commercial and institutional waste comprises the remaining two-thirds.

Making progress

The city’s short-term goal is to divert 40 percent of all the waste away from the landfill through recycling and other programs by 2023.


The city intends it’s 2017 – 2037 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan to have a positive and long-lasting impact on all aspects of waste diversion, material reuse and recycling, resource recovery, and material disposal be it residential or commercial.

The city’s goals are:
I. Preservation of Southeast Landfill
II. Incorporate Commercial & Industrial Waste Strategies
III. Engage and Promote Environmental Stewardship
IV. Grow Top-Shelf Residential Services
V. Roadmap for Future Policy Considerations

Action Items

  • Extending the life span of the Southeast Landfill (SELF)
  • Creation of a Material Management Program
  • Advancing an organic pilot program
  • Increasing residential city recycling
  • Increasing commercial city recycling
  • Decreasing recycling contamination
  • Supporting the City’s litter plan

For additional information please refer to the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan above.


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