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Plat Review

All plat applications are reviewed as part of the Development Review Committee. Submit applications for preliminary and final plats to the Planning & Development Department on the lower level of City Hall, 200 Texas St.

Civil Plan Review

New public infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial and industrial development are reviewed by the city's Infrastructure Plan Review team. To submit a civil plan, visit the Infrastructure Plan Review Center, located at the south end of City Hall, 200 Texas St.

Visit the Infrastructure Plan Review Submittal page for checklists and instructions.

Developer & Consultant Training

Forms & Permits

Visit the Permits page to download application packets.

Standards and Detail Drawings

All standards and detail drawings are available for view/download through Buzzsaw.

Traffic Control Plans

Most permits require traffic control plans. View specifications and sample plans. For information on Street Classifications, view the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

License and Bond Applications

Construction Bids

Request Start Date End Date
100274: Marine Creek Parallel Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Aug. 9, 2018 Sept. 6, 2018
02161: Blue Mound Road And Willow Springs Road Aug. 2, 2018 Aug. 30, 2018
100420: Sanitary Sewer Rehab Contract 93 Part 1 July 19, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018
101615: HMAC Surface Overlay 2019 Hot In-Place Recycle July 19, 2018 Sept. 6, 2018
02739: Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Contract 97 July 12, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018
100830: W&Ss Improv For Lake Shore Streets July 6, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018
ENV 18-05: Pioneer Tower ACM RFP: RFP Env 18-05: Pioneer Tower Acm June 29, 2018 Aug. 30, 2018
02693: 2014 CIP Year 3 Contract 1 May 31, 2018 Aug. 30, 2018

Customer Service

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By Phone: 817-392-8100
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday- Friday
7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

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