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Infrastructure Plan Review

The Infrastructure Plan Review Center (IPRC) is responsible for the project management of all developer-funded infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial and industrial development.

This role includes: preliminary and final plan review, contract specification review, easement document review, acceptance of plans for construction, and coordination with the developer’s engineer during the construction phase of the project.

New development projects are submitted to the IPRC which uses a team of professional engineers to review, comment and accept the design plans for construction.

For developer-driven project plan review information, see the Review Process Summary.

Developer/consultants are encouraged to schedule a Pre-development Conference (PDC) through the City’s Planning and Development Department. The PDC is a discovery meeting to discuss the developer’s general plans, needs and goals. The developer/consultant will meet with representatives from various City departments to discuss possible issues and ask questions relative to the new development project.

Staff Contacts

Dennis H. Sallis C.P.M.

Nikki McLeroy

Community Facilities

A Community Facilities Agreement (CFA) is required for developer-driven projects, and all CFA requirements must be compiled with prior to the acceptance of construction plans.

Visit the Planning and Development Department website for more information.