Warrant Round Up 2017

The City of Fort Worth is joining forces with more than 300 law enforcement agencies statewide for the Great Texas Warrant Round Up, starting March 6.

Arrests can take place at any time and any location, including the defendant's home, school or workplace.

Top 50 Traffic Offenders

Name Number of Warrants
Jesse I. Henry 72
Stephen E. Crockett 64
Mary L. Silva 62
Joe E. Aguilar 58
Lawrence D. Williams 58
Edwin D. Bender 52
Erica M. Garcia 50
Michael R. Pimpton 49
Ernest R. Bell 49
Shawntil L. Miller 48
Jerry D. Miles 47
Troy L. Williams 47
Luis M. Hernandez 46
Aundrea M. Singleton 46
Jimmy E. Johns 46
Henry L. Wright 45
Anthony C. Griffin 44
Nickolas J. Davis 44
Monica D. Banks 42
Aaron D. Benson 41
Patrick L. Graydon 41
Robert A. Rincon 40
Demarcus J. Williams 40
Billy R. Gilstrap 39
Naomi R. Wallace 39
Dulce V. Barrera 39
Carlton L. Williams 38
Chante B. Freeman 38
Stardette L. Slider 38
Keith L. Hannie 37
Robert E. Wilson 37
Vincent L. Turner 37
Christopher B. Alaman 37
Taurean A. Carter 37
Latisa L. Franklin 37
Fernando G. Chavez 37
Christopher D. Sanders 37
Kcirdor B. Cooper 36
Portia L. Hill 36
Teiaundra C. Carroll 36
Kimberly D. Asher 36
Lateef L. Kimbrough 36
Hernan B. Gorostieta 36
Carnishia C. Debbs 35
Armando V. Briseno 35
Elton J. Thompson 35
Juan B. Perez 35
Lakeyia S. Wiley 35
Marian R. Truevillian 34
Jose A. Hernandez Alaniz 34

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More Information

For more information about the Great Texas Warrant Round Up in Fort Worth, contact Juan Paredes, 817-392-5868.