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Mary's Creek Basin Water Reclamation Facility

Next step: permit application

The next step to constructing a facility is to obtain a Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The city is in the process of completing the permit application and plans to file the application in early 2018. It is anticipated to take a minimum of 18 months for the TCEQ to review the application and issue a permit.

The permit is what sets the treatment standards the facility must meet for the water it discharges. The permit application is a technical document that requires water quality modeling, an outline of the proposed treatment process and a preliminary site diagram. The parameters of the final permit will determine the actual treatment processes and impact the actual design of the facility. The water department is planning the initial size of the facility at 10-million gallons a day treatment capacity, with an expansion to 15 MGD.

The permit application process has defined steps, including the opportunity for public input. The process begins with the filing of the application. The TCEQ has detailed information about the process and opportunities for public comment on its website.

There are two points when the utility will be required to publish a public notice, and there is a 30-day comment period following the publication of each notice. The first is after the TCEQ deems the application to be administratively complete and issues the Notice of Receipt of Application and Intent to Obtain Permit (NORI). The second is after the technical review of the application is complete and the TCEQ executive director has made a preliminary decision.

These notices are also mailed to certain nearby landowners, and certain elected officials. In addition, individuals can request being added to the TCEQ mailing list for future notices. Information on how to get added to the mailing list is on the TCEQ website.

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