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Bill Assistance Program

Fort Worth Water customers can now contribute to the City of Fort Worth’s Utility Bill Assistance Program. This program is designed to help customers who are having difficulty paying their water/sanitation bills.

Donations can be made by any of the following ways.

  • Make a one-time donation using the bill insert and including the payment with their current payment, or
  • Elect to make a pledge that will be added as a recurring charge which will be billed on future monthly bills, or
  • Write in a donation on the bill stub, where the included payment would represent the bill amount plus the indicated donation amount, or
  • Select the option when paying online through H2Online.

The Community Action Partners division of the Neighborhood Services Department handles distribution of the funds. Recipients must be customers of the Fort Worth Water Department and meet 175 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines. Customers can receive a maximum of $300 per year for water/sanitation bills and $1,000 per year for plumbing repairs, and must meet the following criteria.

  • Extraordinary events or crisis situations that have or will deplete financial resources.
  • Extensive water bill due to plumbing problems; problem must be resolved before assistance with water bill is provided.
  • Household’s income (i.e. social security, retirement/pensions, and disability insurance, workers compensation, underemployment and unemployment) is insufficient to address essential needs

The number of customers that can be helped is based on donations. Requests for assistance should be referred to Community Action Partners at 817-392-5790.

All contributions are tax deductible.

For more information visit the Water Payment Assistance Program (community Action Partners) page.