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Confidentiality Requests

As a residential Fort Worth Water Department customer, you may request to keep personal information confidential. House Bill 859, passed in 1993, and Senate Bill 2, passed in 2001, require government-operated utilities to withhold the following information if the residential customer requests this information be kept confidential. Commercial customers do not qualify under this provision.

To submit a request for confidentiality, print, complete, sign and mail the Request for Confidentiality Form to the address below. You may also hand carry the form to the Downtown Customer Service Office, located on the first floor of the City Hall Annex, 908 Monroe Street or any of our satellite offices.

Fort Worth Water Department Customer Service Division P. O. Box 870 Fort Worth, TX 76102

Once the Confidentiality Form is received and processed, the Water Department will not release personal information except to the following:

  • government officials;
  • government contractors or subcontractors who need the information to perform their jobs,
  • utility representatives;
  • consumer reporting agencies; and
  • individuals for whom the customer waives responsibility, such as an attorney. People in these categories will be required to show identification before information is released.

For new accounts, please return this form within 10 days of initiating service. For existing accounts, this request is effective upon receipt and processing of the confidentiality form.