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Pre-Qualification Requirements for Contractors

  1. Financial Statement prepared within the past 12 months by a CPA. The Water Department requires that the original financial statement be mailed to the city.
  2. References of Related Work (Minimum: 5)
    • Project name and location
    • Type of project - rehab/replacement, developer project (water/sewer extension only), new subdivision project, facility project (treatment plant, pump station, lift station, storage tank, meter station, SCADA, etc.)
    • Was the contractor a prime contractor or worked as a subcontractor
    • Contractor’s Contact Person and Number
    • Name of city where work was performed along with city inspector’s name and telephone number
    • Amount of Construction Contract - Water and Sanitary Sewer
    • Size of pipe installed, type of pipe installed, linear footage (for pipeline projects), or areas of expertise (for facility projects)
    • Date of project - start date for construction and completion date
  3. Equipment Schedule - equipment related to the bid job owned by the company.
  4. Construction Experience
    • Number of years the company has been in business as a general contractor under present business name.
    • Has the company operated under any other name? If yes, what name, where, etc.
    • How many years water/sewer construction experience as a general contractor and as a sub-contractor.
    • Provide water/sewer construction experience of the principals of the company, including name, present position, years of experience, type of experience (water/sewer), licenses, certifications, etc.


Mr. John Kasavich
Fort Worth Water Department
Engineering Division
200 Texas St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Pre-Qualification List

The city maintains a listing of pre-qualified contractors approved to work in the City of Fort Worth, with bid limits and restrictions.

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