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Water Saving Seminar Schedule 2020

Using less water is not only good for the environment; it is also great for saving money on your water bill.

Seminar Schedule

All of the 2020 water saving seminars, including seminars canceled during the spring, will be available live online through Texas A&M Water University on the originally scheduled dates. Registration for the live webinar events will be directly through Water University at the links provided with each description.

Fort Worth staff will be attending the live online seminars in case you have questions pertaining specifically to Fort Worth outdoor irrigation restrictions and programs.

Made for the Shade: Shade Gardening

Date: Sept. 10, 2020

Are your trees throwing shade? Does your landscape have problem areas where nothing seems to grow? Do you have mature trees and areas where your turf is receding? Don’t accept being shaded out! Learn about the many native and adapted plants that not only survive, but thrive in shadier spots along with tips and tricks to create beautiful shade gardens that beat the Texas heat. We’ll also cover gardening under mature trees as well as turf alternatives and hardscape options for low light areas.

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Family Friendly Gardening

Date: Oct. 22, 2020

Outdoor living just got a lot more fun and we’re not kidding! In this class, you’ll learn how to create a safe, beautiful, interactive space every member of the family will love. Discover ways to bring your children back to nature with simple tips for butterfly gardening, edible landscapes, and sensory gardening. We’ll also cover practical ways to reduce (or avoid) chemical use, plus toxic plants to steer clear of–for both kid and pet proof plantings. Shrink your lawn & maintenance bill so your household can explore, learn, & grow together!

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The Urban Orchard: Fruits Nuts and Berries

Date: Nov. 12, 2020

Whether you’re trying to grow (or planning to grow) fruits, nuts and/or berries at home for their superior flavor, to save money or just want to know where your food comes from, this class is for you! This program teaches you how to become more water-efficient in your “urban orchard”, what plants and varieties work best in our area, the basics of pest control, proper pruning methods and other practical ways to increase production. Branch out and join us for a fruitful program!

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