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Undefined High Water Use Bill Adjustment - Frequently Asked Questions

Did you receive a high water bill that was greater than two times your expected use for a single month? If so, you may be eligible for a water bill adjustment.

Why was my bill so high?

There are many reasons why your bill may have been higher than expected. Water leaks are the most common reason for high water bills. For information on checking for leaks, water saving tips, and how to read your meter, visit the High Water Bills page.

How do I know if I am eligible for an undefined high use water bill adjustment?

To be eligible for an undefined high water bill adjustment you must:

  • Be a single-family residential water customer and the account holder
  • Have a minimum of 13 consecutive months of water use at the service address
  • Have a single-billing period with undefined high water use
  • Have not received an undefined high water use bill adjustment during the previous 24 months
  • Have been billed for water use greater than two times the average water use for a similar billing period in the previous three years
  • Complete and submit the application within 60 days of the end of the service period for the undefined high water use bill.

Why wouldn’t I qualify for a high water use bill adjustment?

Your account may not qualify for an undefined high water use bill adjustment if during the high water volume period you:

  • filled a swimming pool
  • identified dripping faucets or other visible water leaks
  • established a new landscape (new sod, new trees, xeriscaping)
  • previously received an undefined high water use bill adjustment in the previous 24 months.

How will my bill be adjusted?

If eligible, that account will receive an adjustment of up to 50 percent of the difference above the average water use for the one-month bill in question. (This is determined by using prior years’ relevant use.) The adjustment is applied as a credit to your account. Upon receiving the adjustment, the account is ineligible for another adjustment for the next 24 months.



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