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Fort Worth City Council approves changes to wastewater rates and impact fees

The Fort Worth City Council approved a 2.6 percent system increase in wastewater volume rates that takes effect January 1, 2013. The impact to the average residential wastewater customer is 87-cents a month. The monthly wastewater service charge is unchanged.

The City Council, by a 5-4 vote, chose not to approve an increase in the water volume rates and or the water monthly service charge as recommended by the water director. Water Director Frank Crumb told the Council the department could forgo a water rate increase this year by using reserve funds.

The recommended increase in volume rates was intended to offset a significant increase in the cost of raw water in 2014.

The Council also adopted revised impact fees for both water and wastewater, which take effect Jan. 1. 

Impact fees help pay the cost of building or expanding facilities in order to meet the needs of new development. The impact fees charged to new development offset the cost of water and wastewater facilities needed to meet new development service requirements. This reduces the affect these costs might have on existing customer rates. 

Impact fees are based on the size of the water meter. The new fees for water will decrease from $867 to $469 for a standard residential meter. The wastewater impact fee is increasing from $185 to $452. The impact on the combined fee is a $131 decrease.

2013 Wastewater Rates

Impact Fee Changes

2013 Water Rates ( unchanged from 2012)