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Reporting Main Breaks
24-hour Customer Service 817-FW-24-HRS (817-392-4477)  


breaks1 You can report water main breaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, by calling our 24-hour customer service number above.  It is best to call rather than email for a prompt response.

Don't assume your neighbor will make the call. The Water Department would rather receive multiple reports about a suspected problem than no calls at all.

Water Main Breaks
Signs of a broken water main are water running down the street and buckled pavement. Main breaks may leave specific areas without water.  Based on the size of the main pipeline break, time required to locate and mark utilities, residents may experience delays in service as crews repair breaks and restore water service. 

Listed below are all the steps involved in the actual repair of a main break.  These will provide clarity to understand the repair process.

Procedures to Repair Main Breaks

  • Reports are received at the 24 -hours Customer Service Center, 817-FW-24-HRS (817-392-4477);
  • Information regarding break location is logged into the computer system;
  • Someone is dispatched to verify if it is a break or leak, as well as the address and specific location of the leak or main break;
  • This verification is relayed to dispatch and logged into the computer system;
  • Dispatchers contact the firms who mark the locations of all near-by utilities (gas, telephone, electric, cable), and provide specifics related to the width and depth crews will be able to effect repairs. 

Note: The firm has up to two hours to mark the utilities. Often water personnel arrive before the utility locators, but can not proceed until they receive approval or until the two hours are exhausted. Having the locations of other underground utilities identified before water crews begin digging is essential. We do not want to damage other underground utiities that could put customers without phone service, or result in a gas leak. Striking aburied electrical cable could result injuries to teh employee operting teh heavy machiery as well as anyone else nearby. 

  • Once approval is received to dig or the two-hour period is expired, a crew will proceed with repairs.
  • The repair crew updates the dispatch office on estimated repair time.  A standard repair takes four to five hours to complete.  If it is determined that more time will be required to complete the repair, dispatch is updated with this status. 

Note: Repair crews have speakers on their vehicles and drive through neighborhoods to notify residents who will be without water. This verbal notification is provided 15 minutes before water is turned off. In some cases, the break itself cause some customers to lose service.