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Lake Worth

The City of Fort Worth formed a Comprehensive Capital Improvement Implementation Project Steering Committee to help plan improvements to Lake Worth and its surrounding area. The project’s mission is to:

  • Make Lake Worth a useable resource for the citizens of Fort Worth and surrounding communities
  • Manage the watershed to sustain Lake Worth
  • Provide infrastructure to facilitate future growth

The Steering Committee presented the Capital Improvements Implementation Plan (CIIP) to Council, Tuesday December 18. These recommendations outlined below summarize projects proposed in previous lake studies, prioritize the projects for maximum public benefit and organize a funding and construction timeline for implementing the projects.[View Presentation]


Lake Worth CIP



Comanche Creek Drainage


Boat Ramps


Nature Trails/Park Improvements


Access Control/Cable Fencing


Silver Creek Road Widening


Maintenance Fund


Love Circle/Casino Beach Improvements


Woodvale Sewer System


20" Northside III Water Main


Watercrest West Water and Sewer


Northside II Water Improvements


Total Land & Water Improvements



Next Steps

The following steps are needed to proceed with recommendations. They are to amend the City Council's Policy on Gas Lease Revenues to reflect the recommended changes; commit $117,075,000 from Lake Worth gas lease bonuses and royalties to the Lake Worth Infrastructure Fund to fund the CIP; and authorize the release of existing Lake Worth lease bonus funds to begin the CIP. 



History of the Project

Dredging is the primary focus of the plan. Since its construction in 1914, Lake Worth has been a trap for high sediment loads from its watershed, limiting its use as a natural and recreational resource. This project implements focused dredging efforts to maximize the lake as a natural and recreational resource. Additional improvements to boat ramps and navigation will further the lake’s recreational aspects.


Watershed Management is essential for this project. Dredging cleans up a lake, but watershed management protects the lake from future sediment loads. The CIIP will present watershed management projects designed to reduce sediment loads into the lake and will identify lower impact land development practices.


Infrastructure Improvements around Lake Worth will lay the framework for future growth. The area’s potential growth situates Lake Worth near the middle of Fort Worth by 2025. Roads, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and park improvements will be included to support these growth patterns.


For more information on this project, call Freese and Nichols' information line at 817.377.6001.